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A desktop and mobile widget library for Enyo
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Onyx UI Library

Onyx is a UI library for Enyo 2.

We originally set out to adapt the Enyo 1 widgets for use with Enyo 2, but we quickly determined that we could achieve better cross-platform compatibility and build a more solid foundation for the future by starting with a clean slate. The result is a new UI library for Enyo 2 called Onyx.

Despite the changes under the hood, you'll find that Onyx is clearly an evolution of the Enyo 1 UI from a design point of view. This first Onyx release features a variety of commonly used widgets, including toolbars, text inputs, checkboxes, groups and multiple types of buttons. Onyx also includes a base Slideable control that you can use to implement views that slide back and forth between pre-defined positions, including on and off screen.

To get a feel for Onyx, check out the OnyxSampler example. Needless to say, we're not done -- we'll be expanding the Onyx widget set as we go.

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