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add enyo-unselectable class to app content -- this is needed to keep …

…Firefox from making drags weird since the CSS doesn't inherit from the top of app into the panels.
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1 parent 9f37a55 commit 52231604b88ab8f42d20338133f264e8d91963f0 @unwiredben unwiredben committed Jul 19, 2012
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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ enyo.kind({
{kind: "Panels", name:"navPanels", arrangerKind:"CarouselArranger", onTransitionFinish:"navChanged", draggable:false, classes:"enyo-fit"},
{kind: "Panels", name:"contentPanels", arrangerKind:"CollapsingArranger", draggable:false, classes:"panels enyo-fit", components:[
{kind: "FittableRows", classes:"wide", components: [
- {kind:"Scroller", name:"sampleContent", horizontal: "hidden", fit:true, classes:"onyx", components:[
+ {kind:"Scroller", name:"sampleContent", horizontal: "hidden", fit:true, classes:"onyx enyo-unselectable", components:[
{kind: "FittableColumns", name:"viewSourceToolbar", noStretch: true, classes: "onyx-toolbar onyx-toolbar-inline footer-toolbar", components: [
{kind: "onyx.Grabber", ontap:"toggleFullScreen"},

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