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ENZO IS AN OPEN SOURCE CODE. We encourage you to take it, inspect it, use it, and contribute back any changes you have made. We strive to make the the Enzo community a community of developers.


Enzo's main webpage is:

Enzo is developed in the open on

Documentation, including instructions for compilation, can be found at:

Please subscribe to the Enzo Users' mailing list at:

If you are interested in Enzo development, you may want to sign up for the Enzo Developer's mailing list as well:

If you have received this source code through an archive, rather than the git version control system, we highly encourage you to upgrade to the version controlled source, as no support can be provided for archived ("tarball") sources.



  • C/C++ and Fortan90 compiler
  • MPI (such as OpenMPI, MPICH, or IntelMPI) for multi-processor parallel jobs
  • HDF5 (serial version) for data outputs


  • yt for data analysis and visualization (highly recommended)
  • Grackle, a chemistry and radiative cooling library with support for Enzo
  • KROME, a chemistry and microphysics library with support for Enzo


Many people have contributed to the development of Enzo -- here's just a short list of the people who have recently contributed, in alphabetical order: