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fre:ac is a free and open source audio converter. It supports audio CD ripping and tag editing and converts between various audio file formats.

fre:ac on Ubuntu Linux


  • Supported formats include MP3, MP4/AAC, Opus and FLAC
  • Integrated CD ripper, player and tag editor
  • Supports playlists, cue sheets and chapters
  • Fast, multi-threaded conversion engine
  • Ability to convert to multiple formats at once
  • Can verify lossless input and output files
  • Supports freedb/CDDB queries and submits
  • Supports ripping of hidden tracks (HTOA)
  • Supports fully automated CD ripping
  • Support for using command line codecs
  • User interface available in 40+ languages
  • Optional command line interface


Pre-built packages for Windows, macOS, Linux and FreeBSD are available at


fre:ac depends on the BoCA audio component framework and the smooth Class Library. Please build and install those first.

Development packages for the following libraries need to be installed in order to build smooth, BoCA and fre:ac:

  • For the smooth Class Library: libbz2, libcurl, libfribidi, libgtk+3.0, libjpeg, libxml2
  • For the BoCA component framework: libcdio, libcdio-paranoia, libexpat, libpulse (Linux only), liburiparser
  • For fre:ac itself: libudev (Linux only)

When the dependencies are met, run make followed by sudo make install for smooth, BoCA and fre:ac respectively.

You should then be able to run fre:ac using /usr/local/bin/freac and the command line interface using /usr/local/bin/freaccmd.

The official fre:ac homepage:,
Robert Kausch

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