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The smooth Class Library

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smooth is an object oriented C++ class library for Windows, macOS, Linux and most Unix-like operating systems. It provides basic functionality and platform support for applications and libraries.

Features provided by smooth include:

  • user interface API with various widgets
  • simple to use multithreading API
  • file and network IO interface
  • completely transparent Unicode and software internationalization support
  • a libxml2 based XML parser


The following packages must be installed in order to compile smooth:

  • libbz2 / libbzip2 development package
  • libcurl development package
  • libfribidi development package
  • libgtk+3.0 development package
  • libjpeg development package
  • libxml2 development package

After installing these prerequisites, run make followed by sudo make install to compile and install smooth.


smooth is Free Software and is made available under the terms of "The Artistic License, Version 2.0".

The official smooth homepage: http://www.smooth-project.org/

Robert Kausch