Sets up Sublime Text editor for Drupal development
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Script to setup a Sublime Text 2 editor for Drupal development (Mac & Linux)

The installer include plugins and settings to configure the environment in order to speed up the Drupal Development process.

Plugins Included

* = Only available for MacOSX

Installer requirements

After save a JS file a validation is executed using JSLint, JSLint needs Node.JS/ installed on your system.

How to install

How to update

If you already have this script installed you just need run the following command to get the latest version.

  • git pull origin master

After complete this command you just need re-execute the script with the following command.

  • ./

The command above will include new plugins and update your current plugins, if you have custom settings the script always create backups and you can use to restore your custom settings.

Installation Notes

Drupal Coding Standard

To use the Drupal Coding Standard plugin you have to install before PHP Code Sniffer , you check the installation process at

Drupal Auto Compelte

To use the Drupal Auto Complete, you need to create a SublimeProject and save the project definition at the drupal document root where index.php is located


Automatic highlight of any "non-ASCII (code point > 128) characters"

Key Binding

  • CTRL + Shift + t: Delete the trailing spaces
  • CTRL + Shift + f: Reindent selected code
  • Super + Shift + a: Go to Drupal Api definition of selected function
  • Super + Shift + h: Go to documentation of selected function for languages PHP/JS and others
  • Super + b: Validate Drupal Code Standard in current file
  • Super + Shift + e: Execute verification of errors
  • Super + Shift + Option + k: Jump to previous Git modification
  • Super + Shift + Option + j: Jump to next Git modification
  • Super + Shift + 1: Reveal file in SideBar
  • * CTRL + Command + t: Open a Termimal or iTerm2
  • CTRL + Shift + y | Super + CTRL + y: Prettify YAML

* = Only available for MacOSX

Super Key stands for Command in Mac, Windows Key in Windows and CTRL in Linux

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