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@eobermuhlner eobermuhlner released this Mar 30, 2018 · 242 commits to master since this release

API changes

Added BigComplex and BigComplexMath

Class BigComplex

The class BigComplex represents complex numbers in the form (a + bi).
It follows the design of BigDecimal with some convenience improvements like overloaded operator methods.

A big difference to BigDecimal is that BigComplex.equals() implements the mathematical equality
and not the strict technical equality.
This was a difficult decision because it means that BigComplex behaves slightly different than BigDecimal
but considering that the strange equality of BigDecimal is a major source of bugs we
decided it was worth the slight inconsistency.

If you need the strict equality use BigComplex.strictEquals().

  • re

  • im

  • add(BigComplex)

  • add(BigComplex, MathContext)

  • add(BigDecimal)

  • add(BigDecimal, MathContext)

  • add(double)

  • subtract(BigComplex)

  • subtract(BigComplex, MathContext)

  • subtract(BigDecimal)

  • subtract(BigDecimal, MathContext)

  • subtract(double)

  • multiply(BigComplex)

  • multiply(BigComplex, MathContext)

  • multiply(BigDecimal)

  • multiply(BigDecimal, MathContext)

  • multiply(double)

  • divide(BigComplex)

  • divide(BigComplex, MathContext)

  • divide(BigDecimal)

  • divide(BigDecimal, MathContext)

  • divide(double)

  • reciprocal(MathContext)

  • conjugate()

  • negate()

  • abs(MathContext)

  • angle(MathContext)

  • absSquare(MathContext)

  • isReal()

  • re()

  • im()

  • round(MathContext)

  • hashCode()

  • equals(Object)

  • strictEquals(Object)

  • toString()

  • valueOf(BigDecimal)

  • valueOf(double)

  • valueOf(BigDecimal, BigDecimal)

  • valueOf(double, double)

  • valueOfPolar(BigDecimal, BigDecimal, MathContext)

  • valueOfPolar(double, double, MathContext)

Class BigComplexMath

The class BigComplexMath is the equivalent of BigDecimalMath and contains mathematical functions in the complex domain.

  • sin(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • cos(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • tan(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • asin(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • acos(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • atan(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • acot(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • exp(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • log(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • pow(BigComplex, long, MathContext)
  • pow(BigComplex, BigDecimal, MathContext)
  • pow(BigComplex, BigComplex, MathContext)
  • sqrt(BigComplex, MathContext)
  • root(BigComplex, BigDecimal, MathContext)
  • root(BigComplex, BigComplex, MathContext)

Changed pow(BigDecimal, int) to pow(BigDecimal, long)

The signature of BigDecimalMath.pow(BigDecimal, int) to BigDecimalMath.pow(BigDecimal, long)
in order to improve the possible range of the y argument.


Fix pow(BigDecimal, int) with large integer y argument

The BigDecimalMath.pow(BigDecimal, int) would give wrong results for large y values, because
internally BigDecimal.intValue() was used instead of BigDecimal.intValueExact().

This has been fixed and improved so that calculations with very large y values are still possible.

Precision improvements in log(), sqrt()

Strict unit testing has shown that the log() function would not calculate
with the maximum precision, especially if the x argument was transformed into
another value range (for example if x > 10).

This has been fixed by calculating the internal transformation calculations with a higher precision.


Note: The example code is available on github, but not part of the big-math library.

Added example HighPrecisionMath

The example class HighPrecisionMath was added to the examples.
The same class is also used in the FAQ section of the on github.

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