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<p>One of the purposes of this blog is to experiment with simple
ways put up a blog on the web without depending on any blogging
platform. For this I wanted a free way to deploy static web
pages on my own domain name. For this I chose
<a href="">Firebase
Hosting</a>, partly because I am very familiar with it, having
worked on the Firebase team and personally knowing many of the
Hosting development team, but also because it is actually the
best solution I know of for what I want, and it is free for
sites that have the traffic of typical personal sites.</p>
<p>People who are comfortable using the command line might be
interested in following along the steps I took.</p>
<li>Go to <a href=""></a>, login,
and create a project.</li>
<li>Install Node. If you don’t already have it installed
already, I suggest first
installing <a href="">nvm</a>
then doing:
nvm install stable
nvm use stable</pre>
<li>Follow the instructions in
the <a href="">Hosting
<li>Replace <code>index.html</code> with the HTML you want as
your home page.</lI>
firebase deploy</pre></li>
<li>I’d recommend storing everything in Git, and you might as
well make it a public repo, as the web site is public
anyway. (Mine
is <a href="">on
<li>You also might want to register a domain name, and use
Firebase Hosting to use that domain name (complete with a free
SSL certificate so you the <code>https:</code> security for
free.). I did this for <code></code></li>