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Standards based simple web page for COVID testing advice & scheduling


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This repository provides a free, readily modifed and deployable standards based web page for the COVID Rural Testing & Tracing Toolkit (RT3).


VashonBePrepared is the FEMA recognized Citizen Corps Council for rural Vashon Island in the Salish Sea. It is a coalition of many volunteer organizations - who do the real work!

Vashon's Medical Reeserve Corps (MRC) is a model project that is fighting the COVID Pandemic on numerous fronts.

RT3 - Rural Testing & Tracing Toolkit

One of these is the COVID Rural Testing & Tracing Toolkit (RT3), that provides rural communities a proven toolkit for conducting their own COVID testing for local residents outside a formal hospital setting.

Vashon's MRC is making freely available their pioneering simple, no frills COVID-19 testing set-up that follows CDC guidence and can still be run by volunteers with proper training.

We are making this available to other communities around the world as a model. Learn more at

Within this larger context above, this particular GitHub repository, at, provides a standards based, easily replicated web page that can be integrated into your existing website, and easily branded to assure your visitors.

Rough Initial Appearance

The following is an early version of the webpage. It can be easily modified by anyone with some basic HTML skills. Sample Web Page


The web pages use only the following technology, so can be implemented on nearly any HTML based platform:

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Bootstrap 4 (includes jQuery)
  • jQueryUI
  • FontAwesome
  • Google Fonts can also be used

A sample webpage is available for your use in three formats:

  • Bare HTML, with no external dependencies
  • Simple styling, using Bootstrap4, jQuery, jQueryUI, and Google Fonts open source libraries
  • Fancier styling, with images and Fontawesome that can serve as a standalong website, perhaps as a subdomain to your own site.

Physician's Order Form

You can use Google Forms to easily create a Physician's Order Form. You can just create a link to the from from your RT3 Informatino Page, or you can embed it into your web page.

Creating your Form You shoudl be able to enter this is a web browser to bring up our sample form: Then you shoudl be able to make a copy of this form - from your own (personal) Google account for free and alter it as desired, including adding a heading or logo.


Embedding To embed the form Google will provide something like the following to insert into your web page. The form will appear inside your web page. '<iframe src= "" width="640" height="855" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Loading…</iframe>'


The goal is to create three independent versions:

  1. CovidTesting.htm & css/CovidTesting.css provide a single web page with some rudimentary styles including pictures so it could stand alone as a website, or sub-domain.
  2. CovidTestingPlain.htm & css/CovidTestingPlain.css provides a single web page with minimal styling and one image, so that it can be included into an existing website as a new page.
  3. CovidTestingBare.htm & css/CovidTestingBare.css provides a single web page with no styling and no graphics, so that it can be included into an existing website as a new page.

Other goals:

  • Create a basic page using only jQuery & Bootstrap
  • Create the other two pages
  • Distribute a basic Google Form for providers to request a patient get tested

Please list you issues or additional goals in the 2nd tab above labelled "Issues".

This is distributed with the very lenient MIT license without even a copyright. Feel free to edit this as you wiish. We ask that you include a link to the RT3 Home Page so we can keep others informed of updates and changes.
acknowledge where it came from and you can make changes as you see fit.


Standards based simple web page for COVID testing advice & scheduling







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