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Feb 17, 2009

  1. Bundle version 15, bundle short version 0.12.1.

  2. Merged an issue fix from r442 to the 0.12 release branch.

  3. Merged issue 62 fix to the 0.12 release branch.

  4. Merged typo fix in the Auth Failure window to the 0.12 release branch.

  5. Merged issue 59 fix to the 0.12 release branch.

  6. Creating 0.12 release branch from r425 of the trunk.


Feb 08, 2009

  1. Bundle version 14, bundle short version 0.12.0.

  2. More on r420: added support in German localization for Mute and Hold …

    …menu items.
  3. Fixed an issue in which Telephone could ask quit confirmation when wh…

    …ere were no active calls.
    In AKCallController's hangUp: renamed to hangUpCall:, forceCallHangUp became forceEndedCallState which doesn't hang up a call, but explicitly sets its state to AKTelephoneCallDisconnectedState. Without that if the call is deallocated it can try to hang up itself causing the pjsua assertion.
    In AKTelephoneCall hangUp now checks not only call identifier but also call state. Removed call identifier check in dealloc before hanging up the call. Removed unnecessary call retains for the calls returning from AKTelephone's telephoneCallByIdentifier:.
    AKTelephone makes immutable copy of accounts and calls searching for the call by its identifier.
    Added stopTelephone method to the AppController. It hangs up all calls, forces ended call state in call controllers, removes all accounts from Telephone and destroys SIP user agent. This is useful when application is shutting down or computer goes to sleep.

Feb 07, 2009

  1. Fixed spelling error.

  2. Added Call menu with items Mute and Hold to the main menu. Added togg…

    …leCallHold: and toggleMicrophoneMute: AKCallController actions.
    Added hasActiveMedia property to AKTelephoneCall.
    AKTelephoneCallMediaActiveNotification renamed to AKTelephoneCallMediaDidBecomeActiveNotification.
    Changed capitalization of "mic muted", "mic unmuted", "on hold", and "on remote hold" call statuses.

Feb 05, 2009

  1. Added missing copyright to main.m.

  2. Do nothing if there's nothing in the callDestination field of the acc…

    …ount window.
  3. Fixed an issue where application could crash on quit when there were …

    …active calls.
  4. - Implemented enhancement from issue 46: added ringtone output contro…

    …l. Added ringtoneOutputDeviceIndex ivar and property to the AppController. "incomingCallSound" renamed to "ringtone", "incomingCallSoundTimer" renamed to "ringtoneTimer". audioDevices got new key AKAudioDeviceUID and became an immutable array. Appropriate audio output for the ringtone is selected in setRingtone: and selectSoundIO:.
    - Renamed AppController's methods: "startIncomingCallSoundTimer" to "startRingtoneTimer", "stopIncomingCallSoundTimer" to "stopRingtoneTimer", and "incomingCallSoundTimerTick:" to "ringtoneTimerTick:".
    - Fixed an issue in which ringtone could stop playing when there were multiple simultaneous incoming calls. Changed the way hasIncomingCallControllers AppController method determines the existence of active ringing incoming calls. Now it checks not only AKTelephoneCallIncomingState, but also AKTelephoneCallEarlyState and sends isIncoming message to the call.
    - In AKPreferenceController "ringingSoundPopUp" renamed to "ringtonePopUp", "changeIncomingCallSound" renamed to "changeRingtone".
    - selectSoundIO message inside AppController's updateAudioDevices is sent to the main thread.

Feb 04, 2009

  1. Fixed an issue in which automatic completion of the person's name cou…

    …ld lead to substitution of a company name.
  2. Improved UI responsiveness when making a call. Call controller is now…

    … created before the actual call attempt. Added "Call Failed" status to all languages to indicate outgoing call error.
    Changed AKCallController's designated initializer from initWithTelephoneCall:accountController: to initWithAccountController:. Added a setter for the "call" ivar and property where call's delegate is set to the call controller.
  3. Fixed a memory leak in AKTelephoneCall where ivar stateText wasn't re…

    …leased in the dealloc.
  4. Implemented enhancement from issue 47: added DNS SRV support. Bool ke…

    …y UseDNSSRV is available through the defaults utility. Current system DNS servers will be copied on the application startup to resolve SRV records.
    User-Agent string is now generated automatically with "<bundle name> <bundle short version>".

Feb 02, 2009

  1. Fixed an issue in which none of the accounts windows could become key…

    … after clicking the dock icon.

Jan 30, 2009

  1. Bundle version 13, bundle short version 0.11.0, user agent string "Te…

    …lephone 0.11".

Jan 29, 2009

  1. Fixed a typo in the authentication failure sheet.

  2. Removed five NSLogs.

  3. Enable ICE by default.

  4. Make ended call Display Name field selectable only if DTMF digits wer…

    …e entered during a call.

Jan 28, 2009

  1. Fixed an issue where name from the address book could be omitted in o…

    …utgoing call after switching phone in the token menu.
  2. Changed capitalization of some call statuses.

  3. More on r370: small comments correction.

  4. Added phone label to the token menu in the callDestination token field.

    Added phone label in the call status string for outgoing calls, if the label is known.
    NSTokenField callDestination now contains an array of dictionaries, not an array of URIs.
  5. Last step of feature implementation from issue 43. Telephone shows ph…

    …one label (mobile, home, etc.) from the address book for the incoming call number.
    Added a category to ABAddressBook with the method AK_localizedLabel:. It returns localized phone label.
    Added ivar an property phoneLabelFromAddressBook to AKCallController to store caller's phone label from the address book.
    Added AddressBookLabels.strings file for all supported localizations. It contains phone number labels translations.
  6. Started using NSString property AK_hasLetters throughout the code.

  7. Started using ABRecord's property AK_fullName throughout the code.


Jan 27, 2009

  1. Second step of feature implementation from issue 43. Telephone can fi…

    …nd caller's name in the Address Book if the phone number stored with spaces, dashes or other dividers.
  2. Added AK_hasLetters property to NSString through the category.

  3. Added "Use ICE" checkbox in network preferences.

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