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When incoming call occurs, let be started the Apple Script (or sh script?), which can be defined in the application settings. This will considerably enlarge the functionality of application during the integrating with the CRM systems.

Transmiting callerID into the script this is a good idea.


For launching script we need to execute shell command from like

osascript /some/path/crm-routine.scpt +79184661740

Then in crm-routine.scpt we can receive callerID from command line parameter:

on run argv
set CallerID to (item 1 of argv)
-- some actions with callerID
end run

Probably, this example on the StackOverflow will seem useful for you:


Hello, there have been several releases of Telephone since this issue was created. Could you please download and run the latest version to confirm this issue still exists.

Sorry for the template response, just trying to clean up and close old issues here.

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