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Mute doesn't work #60

deviantintegral opened this Issue · 13 comments

10 participants

Andrew Berry Robin Berjon Pierre-David Bélanger Andrew Chernauskas Alasdair Gray Antoine Musso Stefan Schlesinger broundee Alexei Kuznetsov William Entriken
Andrew Berry

I press "M" to mute, and Telephone says I'm muted. But my voice is still transmitted! I can replicate this by opening a call, muting myself, and then listening to my name as recorded by the conference line. This makes Telephone unusable for me.

Robin Berjon

I confirm, this is indeed still an issue.

Pierre-David Bélanger

I am unable to reproduce this problem.

Are you willing to provide more information so we can troubleshoot?

1) are you using the mute menu (the 'm' key) to mute, or the mute hardware button on your headset?
2) do you see "mic muted" on the call window?
3) which version of Telephone, OSX?
4) are you able to make an other test with an Echo test (of an Asterisk box for example, *43 by default in trixbox)?
5) what is your audio setup? (OSX audio system preferences, Telephone audio preferences, headset)

Andrew Chernauskas
  1. Using the M key
  2. Yes.
  3. 1.0.4 through the Mac App Store, OS X 10.8.2
  4. Not sure what you mean
  5. Built-in mic and speakers of a MacBook Air 5,2
Pierre-David Bélanger

Basically, an 'echo test' is a service that echo back to you everything you say.
It is convenient to test your audio setup.

Ok, here is a public echo test you can use:
Dial this on Telephone and follow the instructions.

When the test begins, try to mute Telephone with 'm'.

Robin Berjon

1) Using the M key.
2) Yes.
3) 1.0.4, 10.8.1
4) In testing, with a human being at the other end, they could not tell any difference whether the call window said muted or not.
5) I haven't monkeyed with the OSX audio preferences, it's the vanilla setting for the "Internal microphone" on my MBP. Likewise for Telephone: it's all set to "Built-in" (no alternatives are available anyway). I'm not using a headset.

When you tried to reproduce, did you use a headset or the built-in mike? I somehow suspect that that may be the origin of the problem.


Pierre-David Bélanger

@abstractpenguin @darobin

Thank you for your input.


I tested with many combinations of input and output (OSX and Telephone).
But indeed all this time my headset was always plugged in (even if I was not using it in one of my combinations).

I will take some time to test with out my headset plugged in.

What is you MBP version? (About this Mac > More infos...) (should be something like '13 inches, mid-2009')

I know that some recents Mac have two mics, they are used for echo/noise cancellation. Maybe the Telephone mute option only mute one of the two. If this is indeed the problem, I think the problem is not with Telephone itself, but with PJSIP, the library that do all the SIP/Media suff under Telephone.

Robin Berjon

My MBP's a 13-inch, Early 2011. The system information doesn't tell me much about the mike. Looking at the machine though it seems that there is only one mike as there's only one little holed out bit at the top left of the keyboard.

Alasdair Gray

I am encountering the same problem. I used the 'M' key to mute the built-in microphone on my 13" MBP Mis 2012.

I am running Mac OSX 10.8.2 and telephone 1.0.4 (fresh install this afternoon).

Are there any solutions to this issue?

In my call I ended up manually adjusting the mic input level in system preference to mute the call.

Antoine Musso

Same issue there. Mac 10.7.5, MacBook Air mid 2011, Telephone 1.0.4

Using the internal mic.

Stefan Schlesinger
sts commented

Maybe we should try a built with an updated PJSIP?


Same issue here. Mute just stops working randomly. Telephone 1.1.4, 10.9, mac mini with apple earpods.

Alexei Kuznetsov eofster modified the milestone: 1.1.5, 1.1
Alexei Kuznetsov eofster added the bug label
Alexei Kuznetsov eofster self-assigned this
Alexei Kuznetsov

If anybody has more details about his problem, please share. If it is reproducible for you, please raise the log level (as written here, reproduce, and send me the log.

William Entriken

Hello, there have been several releases of Telephone since this issue was created. Could you please download and run the latest version to confirm this issue still exists.

Sorry for the template response, just trying to clean up and close old issues here.

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