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Dialpad #64

wamatt opened this Issue Aug 3, 2012 · 7 comments

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wamatt commented Aug 3, 2012

Great work Alexei!

Suggestion - Would be great to have a DTMF dialpad to allow things like navigating IVR's.

wamatt commented Aug 3, 2012

Just to be clear. DTMF used to work under line on the "prompt" input box. But that seems to have stopped working for me as well.

mike42 commented Aug 6, 2012

Telephone doesn't send DTMF tones, but if you press keys during a call, is indicates this using SIP INFO or RFC 2833 (see )

For SIP-to-SIP calls, this is fine, but if you call regular phones, you need the SIP gateway to be configured to turn these into audible tones. Otherwise nothing much will happen when you mash the keypad (I managed to fix my own gateway setup and it works great)

But I think that a "Send DTMF inband" option would be useful, as end users wont usually have access to these settings. The pjsip library can do this:


I agree, this would be a nice feature. Occasionally telephone numbers are written as words e.g. 1-800-TELEPHO. A keypad that displays the letters corresponding to each digit would be helpful.



About the "Send DTMF inband", I have played with it a little; have a look at my last pull request #69

You can also checkout my master branch at to have it already integrated (with french localization in bonus!)

sts commented Nov 4, 2013

-1 for a keypad. there are other sip clients which already come with one. Use your keyboard, thats what makes telephone look really simple and minimal.

kbrock commented Jul 28, 2014

-1 for keypad, +1 for "Send DTMF inband"


Hello, there have been several releases of Telephone since this issue was created. Could you please download and run the latest version to confirm this issue still exists.

Sorry for the template response, just trying to clean up and close old issues here.

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