Newby here: call log request #70

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Hi - I am sorry, I don't really know what a Pull request is or even to create one. If someone could please explain.

Meanwhile, is there a way to display a call log/ history? It would be very useful.

If there isn't yet, could someone please help submit this as a feature request for the next build?

Thank you.



Hello, there have been several releases of Telephone since this issue was created. Could you please download and run the latest version to confirm this issue still exists.

Sorry for the template response, just trying to clean up and close old issues here.


Hi - thank you for the follow up. I am now running 1.1.4 and there is still no call log that I can find. So please consider my request active.

@eofster eofster referenced this issue Jun 23, 2016

Call history #238

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