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Optimistic concurrency (OCC) plugin for mongoose.
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Optimistic concurrency control plugin for Mongoose v4.8 and higher.

This plugin brings optimistic concurrency control to Mongoose documents by incrementing document version numbers on each save, and preventing previous versions of a document from being saved over the current version.

Inspired by issue #4004 in the Mongoose GitHub repository.


$ npm install --save mongoose-update-if-current

The plugin requires Mongoose v4.8 or higher as a peer dependency.

Getting Started

Import the plugin from the package:

/* Using ES2015 imports */
import { updateIfCurrentPlugin } from 'mongoose-update-if-current';

/* Using require() */
var updateIfCurrentPlugin = require('mongoose-update-if-current').updateIfCurrentPlugin;

Add it to mongoose as a global plugin, or add it to a single schema:

/* Global plugin */

/* Single schema */
const mySchema = new mongoose.Schema({ ... });

The plugin will hook into the save() function on schema documents to increment the version and check that it matches the version in the database before persisting it.

NB: If the schema does not have a version key, then the plugin will enable the default version key of __v. If the schema has a custom version key set, then the plugin will automatically regognise and use it.


Let's save a new Book to MongoDB.

    // Save a new Book document to the database
    let book = await new Book({
        title: 'The Prince',
        author: 'Niccolò Machiavelli',

Our book document should look something like this:

        __v: 0,
        title: 'The Prince',
        author: 'Niccolò Machiavelli',

Now that it's in the database, a user fetches the book and updates it.

    let book = await Book.findOne({ title: 'The Prince'});
    book.title = 'Il Principe';
    book = await;

The book document in MongoDB now looks like this:

        __v: 1,  // note the incremented version
        title: 'Il Principe',
        author: 'Niccolò Machiavelli',

Meanwhile, another user tries to update the book, fetching it before it was updated.

    // Before the call to save() above, so book.__v is 0
    let book = await Book.findOne({ title: 'The Prince'});
    // Now the other user updates the book, so our version is out of date
    // Try to update the book based on the stale version = 'Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli';
    book = await;  // throws

When the other user tries to save an out-of-date version of the document to the database, the operation fails and throws an error.

See the __tests__ directory for more usage examples.


  • The plugin manages concurrency when a document is updated using, but you can still force updates using Model.update(), Model.findByIdAndUpdate() or Model.findOneAndUpdate() if you so desire.
  • Due to its reliance on the document version key, this plugin might not be compatible with others that affect this key.
  • The plugin causes the document's version to be incremented whenever save() is called, contrary to Mongoose's default behaviour.


The project uses the AirBnB JavaScript code style adapted for TypeScript. The test suites are built on Facebook's Jest. Make sure that any changes you make are fully tested and linted before submitting a pull request!

Command Description
npm test Runs tests
npm run build Builds the project
npm run ci Builds the project, runs tests and reports coverage
npm run clean Cleans build output directories
npm run tsc Transpiles TypeScript to ES5
npm run tslint Lints TypeScript code



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