Ethereum example for SPA2017
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Ethereum Example for SPA2017

The code in this directory is the simple Solidity contract, within a Truffle project.

If you have Truffle and a suitable Ethereum node available (start with testrpc if in doubt) then you can run:

$ truffle compile
$ truffle test
$ truffle migrate

The truffle.js file defines the Ethereum networks that Truffle can deploy to. The one named "development" is the default, use --network to specify one of the others (updating the file if needed to identify the node you'll be using for each network you want to use).

Exercise 1 Notes

The WannaCry ransomware attackers have 3 bitcoin wallets:

  • 13AM4VW2dhxYgXeQepoHkHSQuy6NgaEb94
  • 115p7UMMngoj1pMvkpHijcRdfJNXj6LrLn
  • 12t9YDPgwueZ9NyMgw519p7AA8isjr6SMw

How much have they made? There are many sites you can use but is a good starting point.

On the Ethereum network, the Embark framework's author asks for donations to address 0x8811FdF0F988f0CD1B7E9DE252ABfA5b18c1cDb1. How much has he received? How recently?

To view the Ethereum network, is a good site to use.