zf-mandrill is a ZF2 wrapper for the Mandrill API
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zf-mandrill is a simple wrapper for the Mandrill API. It permit to use the Mandrill API using a pre-configure client in a Zend Framework context.

With this module, you can :

  • pre-configure Mandrill client
  • check your configuration using zend-diagnostic
  • send email from CLI (for testing purpose)
  • send email directly from controller
  • use email service to send email


zf-mandrill works with Composer. Make sure you have the composer.phar downloaded and you have a composer.json file at the root of your project. To install it, you can do it from CLI composer require eoko/zf-mandrill or add the following line into your composer.json file:

"require": {
    "eoko/zf-mandrill": "dev-master"


Copy/Paste in your local configuration config/mandrill.local.php.dist and rename it to mandrill.local.php. There are all the informations required for zf-mandrill configuration.

Service Available

The following services are pre-configured in the service locator :

  • Mandrill client : eoko.mandrill.client
  • Email service : Eoko\Mandrill\Service\Email


  • Check your configuration : php public/index.php diag
  • Send an email : php public/index.php mandrill send email jane@doe.com subject htmlContent_or_filename

Controller plugin

Inside a controller, we can use the email plugin : $this->email()->setSubject('hello')->setTo('jane@doe.com')->send()