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A mediaplayer indicator for the gnome-shell.
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gnome-shell-extensions-mediaplayer is a simple extension for controlling any MPRIS v2.1 capable media player.

This extension will monitor D-Bus for active players and automatically display them in the GNOME Shell's volume menu by default.


Volume menu integration, rating support for Banshee, Rhythmbox. Support of playlists in Banshee (MPRIS 2.1 playlist interface)


Indicator menu on the right with custom status text and current album cover


You can go to the next or previous track by using the mouse wheel on the status icon. You can also play or pause the player by clicking with the middle button on the status icon.

You may also use the status icon to run your favorite media player if no player is running (see the rundefault setting below).

The current track rating can also be displayed and changed depending of the player you are using (see the rating setting below).

Centered indicator with custom status text


gnome-shell-extensions-mediaplayer can be easily configured through as well as command-line (all settings are listed below).





Manual installation

Git branches master and devel work with GNOME Shell 3.10 up to 3.14.

Other branches: gnome-shell-3.0, gnome-shell-3.2, gnome-shell-3.8 (for g-s 3.4 up to 3.8)

Prerequisites: automake, gnome-common, gettext, glib2 devel files


sudo make install

In your ~/.local directory:

make install-zip

Restart the shell and then enable the extension.


All settings can be changed from within the gnome-shell-extension-prefs tool, or from the command line.

  • Position of the indicator: (default: 'volume-menu')

    gsettings set indicator-position 'center'|'right'|'volume-menu'
  • Start the default media player by clicking on the status icon if no player is running: (default: false)

    gsettings set rundefault true

    You can configure the default media player in GNOME System Settings, under Details → Default Applications.

    Note: This setting has only effect if indicator-position is 'center' or 'right'.

  • Indicator appearance: (default: 'icon')

    gsettings set status-type 'icon'|'cover'

    Note: This setting has only effect if indicator-position is 'center' or 'right'.

  • Indicator status text: (default: empty)

    gsettings set status-text ' <span color="#76B0EC" font="9">%t</span>'

    The status text can be formatted with the Pango syntax. %t, %a, %b are replaced respectively by the current title, current artist and current album playing.

    Note: This setting has only effect if indicator-position is 'center' or 'right'.

  • Show the volume control slider of the media player: (default: false)

    gsettings set volume true
  • Show the playlists of the media player: (default: false)

    gsettings set playlists true
  • Show the rating of the current track: (default: false)

    gsettings set rating true

    Players supported (get: show the rating, set: set a rating):

    • Banshee (get/set)
    • Rhythmbox (get/set)
    • Clementine (get)
    • Amarok (get)

    Warning: Ratings are not part of the MPRIS specification thus specific code must be written for each player to set or get the current track rating. Note that for some players there will be no support to get/set the rating from this extension. For example, Clementine does not offer any way to set the rating of a song except from the Clementine GUI (

  • Hide the position slider: (default: true)

    gsettings set position false
  • Set the size of the cover: (default: 80)

    gsettings set coversize 100

Compatible players

Any player that supports the MPRIS v2 spec can be supported.

Note: Many players will require you to enable the MPRIS v2 support manually. If your player is listed but still doesn't work, look for words "MPRIS" or "D-Bus" in the player's plugins.

This extension has been tested with:

  • Amarok
  • Audacious (≥ 3.2, with "MPRIS 2 Server" plugin)
  • Banshee (with "MPRIS D-Bus interface" extension)
  • BeatBox
  • Clementine
  • DeaDBeeF (with third-party deadbeef-mpris2 plugin)
  • Dragon Player
  • Exaile (with third-party Sound Menu plugin)
  • GMusicBrowser
  • GNOME MPlayer (≥ 1.0.7)
  • GNOME Music
  • Guayadeque (≥ 0.3.2)
  • JuK
  • mpd (with mpDris2 daemon)
  • Nuvola aka Google Music Frame
  • Pithos
  • Pragha (with MPRIS2 enabled under "Internet Services")
  • Quod Libet (with "MPRIS D-Bus support" plugin)
  • Rhythmbox (with "MPRIS D-Bus interface" plugin)
  • Spotify
  • Tomahawk
  • Totem (≥ 3.1.91, with "D-Bus Service" plugin)
  • VLC (≥ 2.0, with "dbus" control interface)
  • XBMC (with "MPRIS D-Bus interface" add-on)
  • and more...

Known bugs

Track position is not updated correctly

Some players do not send the MPRIS "Seeked" signal so the extension can't update the position slider when the song is seeked from the extension or the player.

Not supported players

  • Nightingale 1.11 – no native MPRIS support, only a third-party v1 plugin


  • eonpatapon (Jean-Philippe Braun)
  • grawity (Mantas Mikulėnas)

Based on the work of horazont (Jonas Wielicki).

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