forward and back mousewhell commands on icon on top panel appear to be reversed to their normal metaphor #110

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Currently, to change the current song (with Banshee) to the next requires mouse wheel up on icon on the top panel; when users have ingrained the browser/viewport behaviour (where mouse wheel up moves shows the previous view, and down the new one).

I think this is unintuitive, to say the least.


I took some time to think about that and I think you are right. I'll switch the behaviour of the scroll events

@eonpatapon eonpatapon added a commit that closed this issue Jan 13, 2013
@eonpatapon Reverse scroll events (Closes #110)
Wheel up -> previous
Wheel down -> next

This matches the browser/viewport behaviour

I wondered why this changed when I updated (yes, I don't update often), can't say I'm a fan. Luckily it's easy to put back.

For anyone else wondering, the code is in panel.js at the time of writing, not extension.js as per the commit that changed this. Change the lines to this:

    _onScrollEvent: function(actor, event) {
    let direction = event.get_scroll_direction();

    if (direction == Clutter.ScrollDirection.DOWN)
    else if (direction == Clutter.ScrollDirection.UP);
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