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mpDris2 provide MPRIS 2 support to mpd (Music Player Daemon).

mpDris2 is run in the user session and monitors a local or distant mpd server.


Stable release

Download the latest release at

tar zvxf mpDris2-X.X.tar.gz
cd mpDris2-X.X
./ --sysconfdir=/etc
make install (as root)

From git

git clone git://
cd mpDris2
./ --sysconfdir=/etc
make install (as root)

Logout/login from your session. Default prefix is /usr/local.


By default, mpDris2 will try to connect to localhost:6600.

To set a different host or port copy the example configuration file /usr/[local]/share/doc/mpdris2/mpDris2.conf to ~/.config/mpDris2/mpDris2.conf.

Use the configuration to enable notifications and multimedia keys support (on the GNOME desktop).

You need also to set the music_dir option for mpDris2 to export covers paths in the MPRIS metadata.

Restart your session or mpDris2 after changing mpDris2.conf.

Sample configuration

host =
port = 6600
music_dir = /media/music/

notify = False
notify_paused = True
mmkeys = True
cdprev = True

urgency = 0
timeout = -1
summary =
body =
paused_summary =
paused_body =