Offline tool to verify your EOS private key and mapping to public key
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Offline tool to verify your EOS private key and mapping to public key

Simple tool to verify your EOS key and find out the public key. This was requested by several users and something we created while waiting for EOS Dawn 3.0.

Using the tool

  1. Click on clone or download on this Github page. Then download zip. Offline EOS private key tool
  2. Extract the zip file
  3. Turn your computer offline
  4. Open index.html on any browser. It will look like the screenshot below Offline EOS private key tool
  5. Enter your private key and click "Map to EOS public key"
  6. Verify your private & public key. Close this page and resume internet connection.

Important info

  • Contributions / any bug fixes are welcome.
  • All code is available for review and run offline.
  • No guarantees or accuracy on using this tool.
  • Maintained by Webdigi in London

Test EOS public & private keys

Public key: EOS8HuvjfQeUS7tMdHPPrkTFMnEP7nr6oivvuJyNcvW9Sx5MxJSkZ Private key: 5JS9bTWMc52HWmMC8v58hdfePTxPV5dd5fcxq92xUzbfmafeeRo

Public key: EOS7pscBeDbJTNn5SNxxowmWwoM7hGj3jDmgxp5KTv7gR89Ny5ii3 Private key: 5KgKxmnm8oh5WbHC4jmLARNFdkkgVdZ389rdxwGEiBdAJHkubBH

Public key: EOS833HgCT3egUJRDnW5k3BQGqXAEDmoYo6q1s7wWnovn6B9Mb1pd Private key: 5JFLPVygcZZdEno2WWWkf3fPriuxnvjtVpkThifYM5HwcKg6ndu