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October 8 2018


  • Add Korean and Chinese translations (i18n)
  • Add proxy voting for Web and Desktop
  • Add transition animations
  • EOS Cafe Calgary rebranding to EOS Cafe Block


  • Allow EDNA transfers and ESB on ledger
  • EOS Play dApp info
  • Fix ledger eosjs problem, upgrade eosjs
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A complete EOS Block Explorer and Wallet integrated with Scatter and Ledger.

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Introducing the first wallet and block explorer with both Scatter and Ledger integration.

Key features:

  • Generate MULTIPLE keys using one ledger
  • Full ledger integration
  • Full scatter integration
  • Full Block Explorer

Warning: EOS Ledger App still needs to be updated by crypt0fairy to allow permission updates. For now, we recommend only setting active keys to ledger keys.

Windows: Run the app as administrator

Linux: Run the script at https://github.com/LedgerHQ/udev-rules to allow udev

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