Helper Guide for EOS Testnets
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EOS Debug: Debugging for EOS Testnets

EOS Debug is a guide for EOS developers who want to download, build, and experiment with the EOS.IO software on community testnets. The work is a collaborative project between EOS Cafe / Calgary and HKEOS. We hope that these manuals will make it easier for developers in the community to get set up, and understand the EOS.IO software better. If you have anything new to add or find an error, please make a pull request!

Table of contents


EOS Cafe / Calgary and HKEOS do not own the EOS.IO software, and have no official affiliations with the creators. The documentation on this repository was produced in an effort to facilitate the process of learning how to use the EOS.IO software for the community. There are still some errors that are not accounted for in this documentation. The writing should be taken as advice, as it may not be the only correct answer. EOS Cafe / Calgary and HKEOS bear no responsibility with respect to any damages or loss caused when the product is used in systems.