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EOS.IO Software-based blockchain boot tool


eos-bios is a command-line tool for people who want to kickstart a blockchain using EOS.IO Software. For example:

  • Booting local development environments
  • Booting testnets
  • Booting consortium or private networks

See sample configurations.

Local development environment

Download eos-bios from the releases section here on GitHub, clone this repository and copy the bootseqs/release-v1.1 to a directory of your choice.

In directory copied, modify the base_config.ini to fit your needs. Usually, for development purposes, the bind address should be changed from to for config keys http-server-address, p2p-listen-endpoint, and p2p-server-address so you are not exposing you development node to the external world.

Once configuration is done, simply run:

./eos-bios boot

This gives you a fully fledged development environment, a chain loaded with all system contracts, very similar to what you will get on the main network once launched.

The sample configuration sets up a single node, as it doesn't point to other block producer candidates (skips the peers discovery).

Staged launches

We keep an updated list of the different stages launched with eos-bios here:

Install / Download

You can download the latest release here: .. it is a single binary that you can download on all major platforms. Simply make executable and run. It has zero dependencies.

Alternatively, you can build from source with:

go get -v

This will install the binary in ~/go/bin provided you have the Go tool installed (quick install at

Add -u to go get to pull updates.

Join the discussion

On Telegram through this link: (EOSIO BIOS Boot channel)

Previous propositions

See the previous, deprecated proposition in

See the previous previous, deprecated and never implemented proposition in