Never forget claimrewards again.
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Never forget to claimrewards


Just claim it, claim it, claim it before it's gone.

Setup permissions

Use a throw-away key for this action.

cleos set account permission PRODUCERACCT claimer '{"threshold":1,"keys":[{"key":"YOUR_PUB_KEY","weight":1}]}' "active" -p PRODUCERACCT@active
cleos set action permission PRODUCERACCT eosio claimrewards claimer

With Kubernetes, inject secret with:

kubectl create secret generic claimer --from-literal=privkey=PRIVATEKEY --from-literal=pubkey=YOUR_PUB_KEY

Boot and profit.



go get -u -v


Q: Isn't 10 secs a bit aggressive ?

A: Not really. Could even be lowered. It'll bump against the front node receiving your transaction and fail each time until the time comes and is ready for your claim. The transaction will not propagate because it fails the 24h assertion. Do it against your nodes though, not ours.

Q: Wut's that set action permission thing ?

A: This calls eosio::linkauth and assigns a named permission to that particular action. This means you can now sign a transaction that authorizes that specific action on that specific contract with the permission claimer. This is a really powerful feature of EOS.IO blockchains that isn't shining as it should right now. Mind you, with release 1.0, the get_account calls do not give you a portrait of your linked auths and actions-to-permissions mapping. I'm sure that's coming soon though. With a setup like this here, and the design of the claimrewards action.. you could almost give the associated private key to your enemies.. they could claimrewards for you. BUT HEY DON'T DO THAT.. you know, just in case.