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EOS Costa Rica

Open-Source Blockchain Development for the EOSIO / Antelope community


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EOS Costa Rica is an independently-owned, self-funded, bare-metal Genesis block producer that provides stable and secure infrastructure for the EOS mainnet. We support open source software for our community while offering enterprise solutions and custom smart contract development for our clients.


  1. eos-rate Public

    EOS Block Producer Ratings and Voting Portal 🌟

    JavaScript 27 27

  2. Website for the #MyVoteEOS Proxy 💙

    JavaScript 3 1

  3. smart-contract-starter Public template

    EOSIO + Antelope Smart Contract Boilerplate (CLSDK)

    C++ 1

  4. EOS Costa Rica developer's docs & EOSIO + Antelope learning portal 🎓

    JavaScript 5 15

  5. Documentación para desarrolladores y portal de aprendizaje EOSIO y Antelope 🎓

    JavaScript 1 10

  6. A collection of React Components for EOSIO projects 👷

    JavaScript 4 10


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