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EOS Block Producer Rating Portal 👍
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arturocr and gaboesquivel feat: wallet integration (#168)
* refactor(frontend): dependencies upgrade

* feat(frontend): parse user selection in rate page

* feat(frontend): add sign in dialog, so we can support multiple wallets

* refactor(frontend): change the wallet functionality to use eos-transit

Also continued clean up

* refactor(frontend): use secure node

* refactor(frontend): use hooks and context for wallet, add lynx, MEET.ONE and Token Pocket to supported wallets

* feat(frontend): send bp rating to eos network

* feat(frontend): handle state when rating bp

* feat(frontend): persist walletProvider in localStorage

* feat(frontend): move sign in options to a dropdown menu

* fix(frontend): fix linting errors

* docs(common): update contributors
Latest commit 4b58a2e Aug 21, 2019

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A Rating System and Voting Portal for the EOS Community

EOS Rate is a community-driven visual rating tool that allows EOS token holders to easily rate Block Producers in distinct categories.

The rating system is based on a radial graph representing the most important qualitative aspects (let’s call them categories) of a block producer, populated with ratings provided by the input if the EOS community, and stored on the blockchain.

It will also provide basic quantitative information, a compare tool, dynamic filtering and links related to each BP (block producer), in order to fully inform the potential voter, but also let them share their ratings.

Each EOS account can submit their rating for each BP as many times as they like facilitating a "liquid democracy", however, the weighting is independent from the amount the EOS account holds. One account = one submission of equal weight.

Test Environment

We are testing this application on the Jungle TestNet.
This UI is currently available at
The Smart Contract is code deployed under the account eoseosrateio.
We are running a demux and hasura on premises in Costa Rica.

Feature Roadmap

Version 1.0

  • List and Search Block Producers.
  • Scatter and Lynx Integration.
  • Autogenerated Block Producer profile pages with
    • BPJSON info.
    • Ratings results.
    • Rating UI for token holders to rate that block producer.
  • Compare Block Producers page
  • Ability to superpose different BPs ratings flake charts.
  • Home page with explanation and instructions.
  • Languages: English & Spanish.

Version 1.2

  • Ligth Theme.
  • Activity Stream.
  • Ability to leave a comment when rating. ( reviews, like Yelp ).
  • Ability to vote for a block producer directly on their profile page.
  • Languages: Chinese and Korean.
  • Filtering Block Producer List.
    • by Strengths: transparency, community, infra...
    • by Region.

Version 1.3

  • Proxies landing page with:
  • List and search proxies.


App Services

  • frontend: http://localhost:3000
    It's create-react-app that starts up at the available port (default is 3000).

  • demux:
    Deterministic event-sourced state and side effect handling for blockchain applications.
    The service runs on linux alpine container. Configure this service to listen to right MongoDB instance in docker-compose.yml.

  • hasura: http://localhost:8088
    Autogenerated GraphQL API based on the PostgresDB Schema..
    Run make hasura to start the management console.

  • pgweb: http://localhost:8082
    Web-based PostgreSQL database browser written in Go running on a linux alpine container.

Note: This project is based on EOS DApp Boilerplate.

Development Setup

Basic knowledge about Docker, Docker Compose, EOSIO and NodeJS is required.

Install Global Dependencies

Run EOS Rate on your Computer

git clone
cd eos-rate
make start

Design Assets


We use a Kanban-style board. That's were we prioritize the work. Go to Project Board.

Contributing Guidelines

Please report bugs big and small by opening an issue

About EOS Costa Rica

EOS Costa Rica is an independently-owned, self-funded, bare-metal Genesis block producer that provides stable and secure infrastructure for EOSIO blockchains. We support open source software for our community while offering enterprise solutions and custom smart contract development for our clients.


MIT © EOS Costa Rica


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Gabo Esquivel
Gabo Esquivel

🤔 📖 💻 👀
Jorge Murillo
Jorge Murillo

🤔 📖 🎨 💻 👀
Daniel Prado
Daniel Prado

💻 📖 🤔 👀
Xavier Fernandez
Xavier Fernandez

🤔 📝 📢 🚇
Edgar Fernandez
Edgar Fernandez

🤔 📝 📢
Rubén Abarca Navarro
Rubén Abarca Navarro

🤔 💻 👀

🤔 🎨
Cristian Ramírez
Cristian Ramírez

Arturo Campos
Arturo Campos

🤔 💻 👀

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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