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A relaying proxy for transfers through a service company
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This contract will relay payments sent to it using a configurable time delay, by default it is 1 hour.

Memo format

The memo sent with the transfer will dictate where it is sent. The memo should be in the format account:New Memo

If the memo format is incorrect then the transfer will fail.

The contract will only accept transfers from the account specified at compile time.


eosio-cpp -DTRANSFER_DELAY=60 -DREQUIREFROM=fromaccount -o dacservice.wasm dacservice.cpp

Adding code permission

The active permission of the service account must have code permissions set.

cleos set account permission --add-code youraccount active youraccount owner

Sending tokens

The contract will then forward any payments sent to it by the trusted account

cleos transfer fromaccount serviceaccount "10 EOS" "toaccount:This is the memo"

The contract will forward 10 EOS (minus the service fee) to toaccount with the memo "This is the memo"

Preventing forwarding

Sometimes you may want to send tokens to the service account without them being forwarded. To do this, start the memo with a %.

cleos transfer fromaccount serviceaccount "10 EOS" "%This will not be forwarded"

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