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EOSIO BP Information Standard

JSON Standard for Block Producer Information on EOSIO Blockchains

This is a proposed standard for Block Producer candidates to publish as the URL field of the regproducer action on the eosio.system contract.

The current revision v1.0.2 is compliant with the JSON schema Draft 2019-09

  • producer_account_name: Name of producer account
  • org: {Object}
    • candidate_name: Producer/organization name
    • website: Block producer website
    • code_of_conduct: Full URL to page,
    • ownership_disclosure: Full URL to page,
    • email: Contact email
    • github_user: Operational github username (or array or usernames)
    • chain_resources: Website with chain related resources (snapshots & backups)
    • other_resources: [Array] - List of other relevant URLs
    • branding: {Object} - Logo images
      • logo_256: Entire url to image 256x256px
      • logo_1024: Entire url to image 1024x1024px
      • logo_svg: Entire url to image svg
    • location: {Object} - Organization location
      • name: Location in human readable format [City, State]
      • country: Country code [XX] in accordance to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
      • latitude: Latitude in decimal degrees
      • longitude: Longitude in decimal degrees },
    • social: {Object} - NOT THE ENTIRE URL, only usernames on social networks,
      • keybase: Username
      • telegram: Username or group
      • twitter: Username
      • github: Username
      • youtube: Channel address
      • facebook: Page/group address
      • hive: Username without @
      • reddit: Username
      • wechat: Username
  • nodes: [Array]
    • location: Node location
      • name: Node location in human-readable format [City, State]
      • country: Node country code [XX]
      • latitude: Node latitude in decimal degrees
      • longitude: Node longitude in decimal degrees
    • node_type: Type of service producer/query/seed or an array of choices ["query","seed"]
      • producer: Node with signing key
      • query: Node that provides HTTP(S) APIs to the public
      • seed: Node that provides P2P access to the public
    • full: true/false Indicates if the data is provided since the first block or trimmed at some point
    • p2p_endpoint: EOSIO P2P endpoint host:port
    • api_endpoint: EOSIO HTTP endpoint http://host:port
    • ssl_endpoint: EOSIO HTTPS endpoint https://host:port
    • features: [Array]
      • features supported by the api_endpoint or ssl_endpoint on query nodes, refer to the list of features

How to use it if you are Block Producer Candidate

Create a file named bp.json in the root of your domain. For instance When you register your producer using the system.regproducer action, the url field should be filled with Do not put the bp.json file in the url.

Overriding data for specific chains

The recommended way to specify multiple bp.json files under the same domain is to use the a chains.json file pointing to each <chain>.json file according to the chain_id, for example:

  "chains": {
    "aca376f206b8fc25a6ed44dbdc66547c36c6c33e3a119ffbeaef943642f0e906": "/bp.json",
    "1064487b3cd1a897ce03ae5b6a865651747e2e152090f99c1d19d44e01aea5a4": "/wax.json",
    "4667b205c6838ef70ff7988f6e8257e8be0e1284a2f59699054a018f743b1d11": "/telos.json",
    "21dcae42c0182200e93f954a074011f9048a7624c6fe81d3c9541a614a88bd1c": "/fio.json",
    "d5a3d18fbb3c084e3b1f3fa98c21014b5f3db536cc15d08f9f6479517c6a3d86": "/bos.json",
    "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000123": "/other_chain.json"

It's posible to not include the slash on the sub-url value, as it is implied we are building an url.

You can also override properties of the base bp.json file by creating a chain specific json file next to your base.


The bp.json and bp.${chain_id}.json will be merged and any property inside of the chain specific json file will override the base properties.

API Features

For query type nodes one or more features from the list below must be added:

  • chain-api: basic eosio::chain_api_plugin (/v1/chain/*)
  • account-query: (/v1/chain/get_accounts_by_authorizers)
  • history-v1: (/v1/history/*)
  • hyperion-v2: (/v2/*)
  • dfuse
  • fio-api
  • snapshot-api
  • dsp-api
  • atomic-assets-api
  • light-api
  • ipfs

One can check for data validity using: