@igorls igorls released this Oct 3, 2018 · 1 commit to master since this release

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Changelog for 0.6.9

  • Fixed frozen action bug
  • Fixed issue when sending some airdrops
  • History improvements - new web socket API with mongoDB (still experimental)
  • Resources page - RAM Market / Delegations
  • Encrypted backup export and import
  • Quick key generator

SHA256 Checksums

ad0e0d74f92d43473f41d22b8d5448f45a8efb2eb6b4fec6e3a87610da79eeda  simpleos-0.6.9-x86_64.AppImage
253a12d6fc7e149922b4931faf2257d5025eedd9f5e8a7d9a42494b5e9750fb4  simpleos-0.6.9.dmg
e38306e9566d436d303a4b1ea98a76b946112df428bcba54f65820d1f02c7208  simpleos.Setup.0.6.9.exe
10191d3752303487dbf41d5bdb34b696024647e520cbc20b197ba15693583b44  simpleos_0.6.9_amd64.deb

@igorls igorls released this Aug 14, 2018 · 7 commits to master since this release

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Changelog for 0.6.4

  • Multiple private key support (“add account” button on upper right corner)
  • Remove / edit contacts
  • History table fixed! With our own custom api 😉
  • You can now change your endpoint on the settings panel
  • Required memo when transferring to an exchange
  • Connection improvements
  • Airdrops price listing
  • Faster loading on the voting page

SHA256 Checksums

47723ebdbd066c8de6458b7c11329e0f129f7f53921da6cc9bb01498bb388de2  simpleos-0.6.4-mac.zip
f9a374cdbb5bcaa3ec23a7db28b8cd236c7d47db1679f39d524aea29a72031ac  simpleos-0.6.4-x86_64.AppImage
82040b00b75d510650a29a078b1b94df471ec4bdec33092b557c9ef1b71cfce6  simpleos-0.6.4.dmg
f8402bd807e0708ed28ceb554d146c7e3d72a64db3bc1837a907b3086fb4fb03  simpleos-setup-0.6.4.exe
137839622a94ce54f4b45a0de055db918102f76af22e736278c52dcbcdaf8e86  simpleos_0.6.4_amd64.deb

@igorls igorls released this Aug 1, 2018 · 9 commits to master since this release

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SHA256 Checksums

90a6b4e4a3c75840269c872e32cb4a0ecc1e94148a2b3d4f3a02157c5ea99f47  simpleos-0.6.3-2.dmg
f1a793c84cb3de8fe775a842723abac63f3b75996fea52948e82932d6315f697  simpleos-0.6.3-2-mac.zip
b39ce10a34bfbf5da933ac7b83092a5088ef4afd2c891e2f9485d5b6b9a9411f  simpleos-0.6.3-2-x86_64.AppImage
d2f091d64441814cefea049fd44494b2de2832e4f489f91a1a3b3ed98e456d25  simpleos-setup-0.6.3-2.exe
f5771134c582a5aa70f29036da57459fd8bfa01eea53b54002a043c816fd21e7  simpleos_0.6.3-2_amd64.deb

@eosrio eosrio released this Jul 15, 2018 · 12 commits to master since this release

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  • Fix for tokens with non-standard precision
  • Airdrop scanner API fetching from Hyperion, faster load times.
  • Fix some assertion errors
  • Minor UI changes and messages
  • Temporarily disabled all endpoints but api.eosrio.io (due to Hyperion API)
  • Temporarily block owner keys to be imported (unless they are the same as the active key)

SHA256 Checksums

959d13cd9efe1fac567b481914f1470922cf4db8d9a2d3634b9c8157286a3c51 simpleos-0.6.2-4-mac.zip
ebce2c8f0cbddd11f36272df5846482717b141da9fe60f92481a924742521d7c simpleos-0.6.2-4.dmg
bda7d0f629d15ecd3184a25627d95026482d8bcb9868e838daa6cf32c69b9b0e simpleos-setup-0.6.2-4.exe
79ac1e0805e97455e03aa999375a76163e6d19dc9045c2c1a91cba402c8773bc simpleos_0.6.2-4_amd64.deb
7bbbfbd2f3844d2d7de8fdbd530094ac93ff7a05e0676d64f6113e8410667dcc simpleos_0.6.2-4_i386.deb

@eosrio eosrio released this Jul 2, 2018 · 14 commits to master since this release

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Emergency patch

Staking feature was broken after a update on the EOS mainnet that enforced a stricter assertion on the transfer flag. This release also include token whilelisting to avoid wrong prices being shown on the wallet.

SHA256 Checksums

d4b5b4fa569f00764a82184fc4b86df9e21c6bfd36e7c26c9c5e82dae7b9bd02  simpleos Setup 0.6.2-1.exe
737f011f3104e13673333a27c33805881ce2f4a730311b620c8bbe86724f607f  simpleos-0.6.2-1-mac.zip
04516e87629331f27bd4a3ecdff5d24278ff9a8fca241ec440f781775d00755c  simpleos-0.6.2-1.dmg

@eosrio eosrio released this Jun 29, 2018 · 16 commits to master since this release

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Changelog 0.6.2:

  • electron-updater disabled
  • appImage fix
  • added macOS code signing

SHA256 Checksums

a1e830adae5f78f28bdfac6157d4f2be03fa27a39c30791ae26c8c7721cd1505  simpleos-setup-0.6.2.exe
ac9d755b637ffa4ceaf04c5f653c9668a7ab4e63121b58217450daa29a36e94c  simpleos-0.6.2-x86_64.AppImage
a2e9bce3c52af931bc0ee3679374c0cb4327b30b8e67af61951cfae5303b55e4  simpleos_0.6.2_amd64.deb
517321adb57dff6cf3b29a62c3c0dba67c917d401c8b5c4138bbbb9f7aa3d968  simpleos-0.6.2.dmg
83e62936761c44beb898cf4ce9de9082477b96cf4e0bfb075a8b666905a100c9  simpleos-0.6.2-mac.zip

@eosrio eosrio released this Jun 27, 2018 · 17 commits to master since this release

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  • Account creation (3 methods)
    • Same key pair
    • New key pair
    • Account creation for a friend
  • Lockscreen pin
  • BP Map on Vote page
  • Connectivity fixes
  • Custom token transfer

Upgrade notes: Users coming from any version prior to 0.6 may be locked by a non-existent pin, please use the clear data button to start fresh and re-import the keys.