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Scripts for creating xubuntu eosio livecd
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EOSIO Livecd build scripts.

This repo contains scripts to proper build a EOSIO xubuntu livecd.

Scripts - Installs packages needed for other scripts. - Creates the base root filesystem. - Copy the overlay folder to rootfs - Sets up a proper chroot environment. - creates a bootable .iso image.


overlay - Contains eosio-livecd specific files that should be copied to a base rootfs. these are copied during

overlay/scripts - contains scripts that should run in chrooted environment. these are copied during

config - misc config files used to create image, create base rootfs etc.

image - working directory for building the iso image.

rootfs - working directory for livecd root filesystem

output - resulting .iso directory

Build instructions

  1. First run to prepare host system.

  2. Run to create a base root filesystem.

    You can start from a custom state (previous livecd) by extracting the casper/filesystem.squashfs from the iso-file.

  3. Run that will construct a proper chroot environment inside rootfs/

  4. (Optional) run ./script/ in chrooted environment to install and configure the livecd. (only needed if you started from a base rootfs).

    DO NOT install grub on any disk when asked.

    Answer NO to any question about overriding files with package provided file.

  5. Make any other changes you want inside chroot.

    Run exit to exit the chroot environment when you are done.

  6. Run

    Make sure to edit config/image.vars if you want another name or update the version number.

    When done. you should have a iso file at output/${IMAGE_FILENAME}


Henrik Hautakoski -

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