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I'd like the priorities below to guide enhancements/fixes. Pull requests are welcome!

Wider Distribution

Looking to package heapSpank leak detection functionality with existing/popular monitoring frameworks or containers. See enhancements #7, #8 and #10 for details.

More Definitive Leak Identification

If it takes days to fill up and clear your old generation, heapSpank spank will show the 'leaky percentage' as 100% until the old gen is finally collected. That's a classic false positive leak detection. Hopefully work on enhancements #4 and #15 will help this situation.


Which classes eat up most of your heap? Perhaps a large cache? In addition to the leakiest classes, the heapSpank watch list will show instance counts and byte consumption for the list of classes you configure. Coming soon! Check out Issue #5.

Low Overhead and High Ease of Use

Monitoring is useless if a tool causes too much overhead. Likewise, memory leaks and other problems linger when easy to use, easy to install monitoring isn't available.

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