Text File Import

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Text File Import

wuqiSpank can capture/trace SQL from your Java/JDBC driver, as detailed here.

Don't use java? No worries. The following shows how to import SQL statements from a simple text file into wuqiSpank:

  1. Add SQL to a text file with the .sqltxt extension.
  2. Delimit the SQL with semicolons
  3. Copy the file to the wuqiSpank Export Dir.
  4. Refresh your browser for your wuqiSpank URL: http://myserver.com:8080/wuqiSpank

When tracing from a live java application, all SQL from a single server round trip are grouped together. Optionally (and with .sqltxt only), you can get this same grouping with a .sqltxt file by separating multiple statements with a tilde (~). Each .sqltxt file can have multiple tildes.

See below for detail on all three supported import formats.

Supported Import Formats

In all, wuqiSpank supports three import formats.

File Extension Name Description
*.sqltxt Raw SQL Text Text files with SQL statements. Semi-colons (;) delimit the SQL statements. Tildes (~) delimit groups of SQL
*.dtpp DynaTrace PurePath XML Copy and paste XML from DynaTrace PurePaths
*.inTrace inTrace event file Capture raw event text from inTrace into a text file using the [out-file-true parameter. This is helpful for adding support for a new JDBC driver, other than the ones detailed here.
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