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A simple picture gallery script for showing a series of images with no fancy functionality.


  • Webserver like apache
  • PHP5.4+ (though may work with older versions)
  • Extensions gdlib and fileinfo installed


  1. Copy source to the destination on the webserver, e.g. simply with git clone
  2. Copy file upload/.htaccess.default to upload/.htaccess
  3. Configure file upload/.htaccess, especially setting the correct absolute path to the .htpasswd file
  4. Copy file config.default.ini to config.ini and configure it to your liking
  5. If you don't want to use an existing .htpasswd create a new one under the path you entered above. See documentation of .htpasswd files for instructions how to create a new pair of user credentials.
  6. That's it, it should work now. Using the upload form you can upload images and delete them.


  • The images are sorted alphabetically and keep their names (mostly), so new images are sorted together with existing images.
  • The upload form can be very fickly concerning maximum filesizes, due to the different server configurations. If you keep getting error messages that files are too large, you may need to increase the maximum allowed upload size.
  • If you want to change the style of the page, simply add another CSS file and change the settings in config.ini This avoids overwriting the changes to the default style if you pull changes from the remote repository
  • You can also use a custom favicon. Make sure to change the value in custom.ini.


[Done] A simple picture gallery script with upload functionality



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