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MagicMirror module for displaying stock price with Alphavantage API
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MagicMirror module for displaying stock price with Alphavantage API


  • mode:table ScreenShot for Table

  • mode:ticker ScreenShot for Ticker

  • mode:series ScreenShot for Series


** 1.1.0 **

  • Fixed : Alphavantage has changed their API quota rule for free Account. (500 requests limit per day)
  • included decimals option and optimized loading time (by @lavolp3)
  • included candle stick charts for series graph(by @lavolp3)


cd ~/MagicMirror/modules
git clone
cd MMM-AVStock
npm install

Alphavantage Key

Free account has a limit of quota (5 request per minute). Since Dec 28, 2018, 500 requests per day limit is added



  module: "MMM-AVStock",
  position: "top_right",
  config: {
    symbols : ["aapl", "GOOGL", "005930.KS"],

Details and Defaults Values

  module: "MMM-AVStock",
  position: "top_right", //"bottom_bar" is better for `mode:ticker`
  config: {
    apiKey : "YOUR_ALPHAVANTAGE_KEY", //
    timeFormat: "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss",
    symbols : ["aapl", "GOOGL", "005930.KS"],
    alias: ["APPLE", "", "SAMSUNG Electronics"], //Easy name of each symbol. When you use `alias`, the number of symbols and alias should be the same. If value is null or "", symbol string will be used by default.
    tickerDuration: 60, // Ticker will be cycled once per this second.
    chartDays: 90, //For `mode:series`, how much daily data will be taken. (max. 90)
    poolInterval : 1000*15, // (Changed in ver 1.1.0) - Only For Premium Account
    mode : "table", // "table", "ticker", "series"
    decimals: 4, // number o decimals for all values including decimals (prices, price changes, change%...)
    candleSticks : false, //show candle sticks if mode is Series
    coloredCandles : false, //colored bars: red and green for negative and positive candles
    premiumAccount: false, // To change poolInterval, set this to true - Only For Premium Account
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