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Whole new build-up for MMM-CalendarExt
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Whole new build-up for MMM-CalendarExt



Install & Configuration

cd ~/MagicMirror/modules
git clone --depth=1
cd MMM-CalendarExt2
npm install

Afterwards read how to configure everything in the configuration documentation. If you like adjust to your language or adapt the styling.

Finally if you like a shortcut browse through the examples of other peoples config.

Note: If you want to start developing and miss the entire history run git fetch --unshallow.

New Updates

[1.0.9] 2020-02-14

  • Added: positionOrder of view. now you can change the order of that view in region(position) against other modules.

Major feature

  • Multiple views at same time in a scene
  • Scenes could be rotated by time or notification or other trigger (e.g: Scene per PAGE)
  • MMM-CalendarExtTimeline, MMM-TelegramBot supported.
  • Over 5000 icons; (iconify)
  • custom class for beautifying
  • month/week timeline view.

What's different with MMM-CalendarExt

But if you have no dissatisfaction with MMM-CalendarExt, leave it.

  • New parser. New look.
  • profile is deprecated. scene is more than that.
  • Beautiful timeline view (month/week)
  • dynamic scene changeable.



[1.0.8] 2020-02-13

  • Added: isRecurring property to event object. now you can check this event is recurred or not. You can use this in filter/sort/transform callbacks. and CSS class recurred will be added to that event.

[1.0.7] 2020-01-31

  • MODIFIED: Default value of maxItems to 1000 from 100 to avoid frequently asking issue of events of nowadays are not shown
  • MODIFIED: Automatically fixing of unofficial URI fofm webcal:// url to http://.


  • ADDED: title of view can have callback function as a value. Now you can make view title contextually
title: "My Weekly",


title: (mObj) => { // moment object for first slot of view.
  return mObj.format("[My Weekly:] Wo")
// This will show "My Weekly: 49TH" as module title.


  • ADDED: can display name of Month (e.g: August) in month view (monthFormat:"MMMM")


  • ADDED: event property ms_busystatus is added. (Thanks to @klaernie for the PR)


  • FIXED: calendar filter is implemented (Sorry, I've totally forgotten it).


  • FIXED: not visible in second or followed pages of MMM-pages.


  • view:transform() is added, now you can modify event value as your wish.


Bug with MMM-Carousel.

  • When you are using it with MMM-Carousel, MMM-CalendarExt2 should be in main page or all pages.
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