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MagicMirror module for displaying Google Shoppinglist
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MagicMirror module for displaying Google Shoppinglist



Version History

1.0.2 (31th Oct, 2018)

  • fixed : Some irregular parsing solved.

1.0.1 (10th Sep, 2018)

  • fixed : Raspberry Pi puppeteer issue.
  • You should remove old version and re-install from PreInstall step.


sudo apt install chromium-browser


cd ~/MagicMirror/modules
git clone
cd MMM-GoogleShoppingList
npm install


  module: "MMM-GoogleShoppingList",
  position: "top_right",
  header: "My Shopping List",
  config: {
    creds: {
      email: "YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT",
      password: "YOUR GOOGLE PASSWORD",
    scanInterval: 1000*60,
    displayImage: false, //if you set, you can get image of items. but very ugly. I don't recommend.


  • This module will get items from your Prime list only.
  • 2-Factor-Authentication is not supported
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