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MagicMirror module - displaying news articles with API V2
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MagicMirror module - displaying news articles with API V2


  • Aggregate headlines from multiple sources at once.
  • Country specific, Category specific, Keyword specific news could be aggregated.
  • Touchable (Clickable) UI supported
  • Can open article page in iFrame and scrollable by touch or autoScroll
  • Controllable by notification
  • Controllable by MMM-TelegramBot
  • Customizable with Template


  • type:horizontal, touchable:true Screenshot

  • type:vertical, touchable:false Screenshot

  • detail page is opened Screenshot

  • Control by Telegram Screenshot



  • Added : Reader mode
  • You need to re-install to update. or
cd ~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-News
git pull
npm install


cd ~/MagicMirror/modules/
git clone
cd MMM-News
npm install

Get API Key



  module: "MMM-News",
  position: "bottom_bar",
  config: {
    type: "horizontal",
    query : [
        sources: "abc-news, cnn, bild",
        country: "de",
        className: "redTitle",
        country: "gb",
        category: "sports",
        q : "Manchester United"

Defaults and Details

  module: "MMM-News",
  position: "bottom_bar",
  config: {
    apiKey : "", // set your API Key
    type: "horizontal", // "horizontal", "vertical" You can make your own type with CSS class selector.

    // See for available query options('sources' or `country`, `category`).
    query : [
        sources: "abc-news, bloomberg, cnn",
        // A comma-seperated string of identifiers for the news sources or blogs you want headlines from.
        // Too many `sources` at once could make API error. If you want, split them to several queries.
        // `sources` are not able to be mixed with `country` and `category`.
        country: "de",
        className: "redTitle", // You can give your CSS className for these articles.
        country: "gb", // country : The 2-letter ISO 3166-1 code of the country, "" or `null` for all of the world.
        category: "sports", // category : The category you want to get headlines for.
        // Possible options: `business` `entertainment` `general` `health` `science` `sports` `technology`
        q : "Manchester United", // Keywords or a phrase to search for. `null`, "", or omitted will get all headlines.
    items: 20, // number of how many headlines to get from each query. max 100
    timeFormat: "relative", // Or You can use "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss" format.
    drawInterval: 1000*30, // How long time each article will be shown.
    autoScroll: false, // some site will not be displayed as normal when this is set as true. but normally, we have no interface to control the scroll of MM. Choice is yours.
    scrollStep: 100,
    scrollInterval: 1000,
    touchable: true, // When you have a touchable or clickable interface on your MM.
    detailTimeout : 1000*20, //Hide detail when this time passed after last action. `0` : never be timed out.
    telegramBotOrderOpenDetail : false, //When you use telegramBot, you might not need open detail iFrame on Mirror, because you can get detail link on Telegram.
    readabilityExcepts: [],

    // You might not need modify belows;
    endpoint :  "",
    scanInterval: 1000*60*10, // This will be automatically recalculated by number of queries to avoid query quota limit. This could be minimum interval.
    templateFile: "template.html",
    notifications: {
      previousArticle : "NEWS_PREVIOUS",
      nextArticle : "NEWS_NEXT",
      showDetail : "NEWS_DETAIL",
      closeDetail : "NEWS_DETAIL_CLOSE",
      scrollDownDetail : "NEWS_DETAIL_SCROLLDOWN",
      scrollUpDetail : "NEWS_DETAIL_SCROLLUP"


Now MMM-News can show article detail with READER MODE. Detailed article will be shown without Adv, menu or any other annoying site things.


But some articles cannot be shown as Reader mode. You can set exception with readabilityExcepts.

readabilityExcepts: ["usatoday", "", "wkrg"], //particle of URL pattern for exception

CSS is defined in readermode.css. You can redefine it in your css/custom.css.


You can redesign output with template.html. Default is this;

<div class="article %CLASSNAME%" id="%ARTICLEID%">
  <div class="header">
    <div class="title">%TITLE%</div>
  <div class="content">
    <!-- <img src="%URLTOIMAGE%"/> -->
  <div class="footer">
    <div class="sourceName" id="%SOURCEID%">%SOURCENAME%</div>
    <div class="publishedAt"> - %PUBLISHEDAT%</div>

Available Template Tags

Tag Example Description
%SOURCEID% cnn or N-tv-de Unique id of each news site.
%SOURCENAME% or name of each news site.
%AUTHOR% John Doe Author of this article.
%TITLE% Who Framed Roger Rabbit Title of this article.
%DESCRIPTION% blah blah blah... Short description of this article (not article itself).
%CONTENT% blah blah blah... Full or Shorten news articles. it may differ by each news site.
%ARTICLEID% X12345678 Unique id of each news article.
%PUBLISHEDAT% 2 hours ago or 2018-10-01 12:34:56 Published time.
%URL% URL of original news article.
%URLTOIMAGE% URL of image. (if exists)
%ARTICLEIMAGE% <img src=""... > Ready-made image tag.
%CLASSNAME% someClassName When you give className to query, that value will be used as this.

MMM-TelegramBot commands

command Description
/news Send current news link to Telegram.
/news n Next article
/news p Previous article
/news c Close detail iframe page
/news u Scroll Up detail iframe page
/news d Scroll Down detail iframe page

Notification commands

notification Description
NEWS_NEXT Next article
NEWS_PREVIOUS Previous article
NEWS_DETAIL Open detail iframe page of current news
NEWS_DETAIL_CLOSE Close detail iframe page
NEWS_DETAIL_SCROLLUP Scroll Up detail iframe page
NEWS_DETAIL_SCROLLDOWN Scroll Down detail iframe page
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