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TelegramBot module for remote-controlling MagicMirror
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TelegramBot module for MagicMirror


  • You can remote-control your MagicMirror and modules within Telegram.
  • The Bot is implemented in this module thus you don't need to manage antoher daemon.
  • Other module developers can add their commands easily. (See the Wiki : )


1) Create Telegram Bot

Ref :

  1. Open your browser in Desktop PC(or your mirror or your phone, anywhere) and Navigate to
  2. Click Send Message button, then your telegram will be opened in your phone or your PC which Telegram is already installed on. Meet BotFather.
  3. Command /newbot, give a name to the bot created, give an username. username should end with bot. (e.g. MyMagicMirrorBot or mystupidslave-bot... )
  4. After created, you can get API Token. It looks like 110201543:AAHdqTcvCH1vGWJxfSeofSAs0K5PALDsaw. Remember that.
  5. Read messages from BotFather. You can find your bot and change chat room of your Bot. Type anything, but your bot will not react yet.

2) Install Module

  1. In your mirror, open terminal and execute below;
cd ~/MagicMirror/modules
git clone
cd MMM-TelegramBot
npm install

3) Configuration (Pre-use)

  1. Open config.js of MagicMirror, add these;
  module: 'MMM-TelegramBot',
  config: {
    telegramAPIKey : '<your Telegram API Token>',
    allowedUser : ['<your Telegram username without @>'], // This is NOT the username of bot.

  1. restart your MagicMirror.

4) Back to your Bot and test

  1. Back to the chat room with your Bot in Telegram, try /help or /commands. Your bot will react!
  2. Now,try /mychatid. This command will show the id of this chat room. The chat id looks like 12345678. Remember that. We will use this id for admin.

5) Register admin Chat id

  1. Open config.js again.
  module: 'MMM-TelegramBot',
  config: {
    telegramAPIKey : '<your Telegram API Token>',
    allowedUser : ['<your Telegram username without @>'],
    adminChatId : <your admin chat id>,

  1. Restart your MagicMirror.
  2. You can get welcome message in your admin chat room. Now you can use Bot!

More Information

See the Wiki

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