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SharePoint and MEAN Stack demo project

###Execute the following commands

  1. git clone yourWebApp
  2. cd yourWebApp
  3. npm install

You may have to execute npm install twice because of timeout or lock issues

The above commands will make a clone (copy) of the current master branch of the demo NodeJS project. You may replace yourWebApp with your own folder name

update ./config/env/secure.js with clientId and clientSecret for your app

set the node_env to secure

  • Powershell
    • $env:NODE_ENV="secure"
    • (or for production) $env:NODE_ENV="production"
  • in command line - for secure connection
    • set NODE_ENV secure

before you execute grunt, you will need to have MongoDB set up and configured, instructions are found below.

execute in shell: grunt

At this point NodeJS should be running our NodeJS web app on localhost. Additional information found below.

###Additional notes:

Install MongoDb #

Install NodeJS

make sure that "node" is in your system "PATH"

install Git #

Install Bower(Package manager), using npm (node package manager), requires internet access npm install -g bower

Install Grunt Task Runner (aids running package) npm install -g grunt-cli

Create MongoDB Database

  1. C:>"C:\DataStore\Mean Stack\MongoDB\MongoDBBin\bin\mongo.exe"
  2. Paste all content from "helper_scripts\MongDB_initial_data.txt" into mongoDB shell

Register a new SP App in your SP Dev site so as to get a clientID and clientSecret i.e.: /_layouts/15/AppRegNew.aspx i.e.: /* Demo Client Id: 6d6faaab-908c-443a-8c99-40a7b618cada Client Secret: JZNnw1LCgznGXHIOF1oyB40jHpSpkgxlYS6/2ZXvhJh= Title: PM Mean Demo 1 App Domain: localhost Redirect URI: https://localhost */

Create a new SP 2013 App in Visual Studio

A demo app may be found in vs_solution folder

###How MEANJS was originally built

Open PowerShell (more powerful than command line. Could also use git bash)

Get the MeanJS scaffolding

modify package.json to modify any settings package.json

Install the package (has to download all packages, may take a few minutes) npm install

we need to configure environment variables cd config/env

edit all.js to add more .js files such as moment and angularMoment

edit secure.js to remove assets and strategies we do not need as well as add SharePoint App vars

  • set mongoDb db - i.e. 'mongodb://localhost/meanBeerApp',
  • here is where you will add your SP App clientID and clientSecret

cd ../strategies (config/strategies)

remove all strategies and add sharepoint.js (update strategy)

create sslcerts folder in config and upload certificate files

cd config

update express.js, removing facebook call and updating ssl certs files

We can now configure the node server side "app"


cd app/controllers

  • remove article
  • add beer and sharepoint
  • update core to give it title
  • update users to remove users.password

cd app\controllers\users

  • update users.authentication to remove signup and remove, update save
  • remove users.password as not needed

models (our connection to our mongoDB)

  • cd app\models
  • remove article, add beers
  • update user.server.model


  • cd app\routes
  • remove articles
  • add beers and sharepoint
  • update core and users (core - main routes for app, users - remove all unneeded user routes)


  • cd app\views
  • add spapp (an spapp response page that is not used)
  • remove templates sub folder, not needed

upate password-sharepoint strategy

  • cd \node_modules\passport-sharepoint\lib\passport-sharepoint
  • copy over updated strategy.js #changed a few redirects and other aspects

The "app" is now ready to running, change to root of app

  • cd ./

  • --set the node_env to secure

  • $env:NODE_ENV="secure"

  • $env:NODE_ENV="production" /powershell/

  • set NODE_ENV secure /in command line - for secure connection/



app should now be running on local host with SSL cert

load in browser

###now move onto Angular (client side rendering)

cd public

replace application.js if you want to add moment. Will also need to install moment js files

  • cd /(root of app)
  • bower install moment --save
  • bower install angular-moment --save
  • replace config.js if you want to add angularMoment dependency

dist is home for final js deliverables to client, must be compiled. For dev, we configured to use all js files. not as efficientmo but easier during development

lib is for libraries we would add to using npm

modules - modules are Angular based containers for storing sets of functions

  • cd modules
  • remove articles
  • add beers module
    • contains config / routes, controllers, services and views - views are templates
  • update core
  • cd core/config
    • replace core.client.routes to update routes to route to beers module

we are all set, return to demo site "Site contents" and click on app

  1. add a new beer, see how new BeerSKU is added to SP
  2. Add new document to beerSkuDocs in SP, linking to new beerSku.
  3. return to mean app and view

###Other demos to try

  • now update angular Mean View for viewing doc to add more SP Doc Data.
  • look at how if at all we need to update node app to provide more data from SP