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Sophos to Fortigate migration script


I have had my Sophos UTM VM for almost 3 years and really love the product. It's super easy to manage and has great functionality. However, it was time to learn something new and given the rise of Fortinet during the last few years I decided to purchase a Fortigate.

This is not a complete migration. Since I had quite a number of objects, DNS and DHCP reservations I decided to automate that process and share the script. Rules were quite few so I made that part manually. Feel free to make a pull request if you add functionality.

What it does

  • Creates Fortigate Address objects based on the Sophos host objects
  • Creates Fortigate DNS records in the local DNS database based ont he Sophos host objects
  • Creates MAC address reservations in the DHCP server based on the Sophos host objects

What it does not

  • Does not migrate network objects, only /32
  • Does not support more than one mac reservation per host (not even sure why Sophos supports it)
  • Does not support more than one DNS database.
  • Does not do anything else than what is stated above.

How to use

  1. Rename the config-sample.ps1 to config.ps1
  2. Edit config.ps1 and add your credentials and management addresses
  3. Create a local DNS database on your Fortigate
  4. Create a DHCP server on one of your internal interfaces on your Fortigate
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