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Clustered Nmap
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cnmap - Clustered Nmap

Uses node.js and and

Setting up the environment:

  • Install or download node.js (
  • Install the client's and the server's modules (go where the app.js file is and do npm install)
  • Edit the hardcoded control server address ( inside the client's app.js and inside index.html so it points to your control server's address.

Starting the components:

  1. Start the server with node app.js
  2. With a modern browser (eg. Firefox 27), open index.html
  3. Start the client(s) with node app.js
  4. Start scanning


  1. Specify the target's address (eg.
  2. Specify the scan's flags (note, the -p flag is hardcoded for this prototype)
  3. Specify the port range per client to be scanned in target (eg. 1-1024)
  4. Click 'Start'


  • In the video, 2 virtual machines with Nmap installed run the client's app.js and connect to another virtual machine (not shown on screen) that's running the server's app.js. The user simply connects to the server via web browser and tells the clients to scan
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