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My new vimfiles


git clone ~/.vim
ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc
git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle
vim +BundleInstall +qa!

Base Customizations

  • leader set to
  • line numbers
  • soft 2-space tabs and default hard tabs to 2 spaces
  • incremental, case-insensitive search
  • vertical split goes right, horizontal split goes below
  • cursor keys for movement are disabled!
  • mouse support


  • Leader key

Normal mode

  • <C-j/k/h/l> - Switch between splits (no need to prepend )
  • Y - Act like D and C** i.e. to yank until EOL
  • e - Appends an edit command with the path of the currently edited file filled in
  • c - Comment/Uncomment current line or selected lines in visual mode
  • ** - Switch to previous window
  • n - Toggle NERDTree
  • - Open CtrlP

Insert mode

  • p - Toggle paste mode
  • jj - Back to normal mode

Command mode

  • p - Insert current path


Check vimrc.bundles file


Create ~/.vimrc.local for any local customizations.

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