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JupiterACE emulator on iOS
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Jupiter ACE emulator on iOS.

The Jupiter ACE is the real outsider micro from the 80's. Instead of having BASIC as the programming language it had FORTH. It was designed by two former employees at Sinclair Research Ltd who were responsible for the famous Sinclair ZX81 and ZX Spectrum. They are Steven Vickers and Richard Altwasser. For a FAQ see here

The Jupiter ACE wasn't very successful, though it had some very interesting characteristics.

This project comes out of an old little project I put together back in 1999. I made a very simple Jupiter ACE emulator with pieces from various other open source project. I had almost forgotten about the project but in 2010 Lawrence Woodman started to work on it and he started to clean things up and add new features. That project is here. He has also taken it further and is now cutting out old things like X11 and use more portable things like SDL, that project is here.

Later I saw that over at they had digitized the manuals. Today I work with iOS development and I thought; why not bundle the emulator and the manual in one app? Said and done, here is the source code and you can also get it at the App Store

Share and enjoy!

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