pblcapture is the remote iOS app that can receive a screenshot from pblcapture.c on the Pebble
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pblcapture is now obsolete as screenshooting has been added to Pebble SDK 2.0 BETA 2.

pbl capture

This is the iPhone app for pblcapture that will receive the screenshots.

This version uses the new SDK 2.0 javascript bridge. Like before the framebuffer will be sent in a number of chunks to this app which will reassemble them to an image which can be saved to the camera roll.


To use this utility there are a couple of steps to be made. First, add the javascript part below to the pebble-js-app.js file (or add one).

                        function(e) {
                          if (e.payload[1396920900]) { // 'SCRD'
                            var req = new XMLHttpRequest();
                            req.open('POST', "", true);

Then add the files pblcapture.h and pblcapture.c to the pebble project (find them under pebble_src here).

Last add calls to pbl_capture_init(), pbl_capture_send() and pbl_capture_deinit(). See example here https://github.com/epatel/pblindex/blob/master/src/pblindex.c (search for MAKE_SCREEN_SHOT)

Place the call to pbl_capture_init() after the window has been created. Also if you call app_message_open() place this call after that and after registering the callbacks, and give pbl_capture_init() true as last parameter. If you are not using app_message_open() somewhere (you should also add a pebble-js-app.js file) give pbl_capture_init() false as the last parameter and it will do the app_message_open() for you.

Have fun! Edward