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Ensure that in-process test group doesn't create global IPython singl…


Since the in-process group makes its own shells, it should avoid
creating the global singleton.
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1 parent d32bdb0 commit e51dadb294ada33f896ee27bc1578b0bfb467dc3 @fperez fperez committed with Sep 26, 2012
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  1. +12 −3 IPython/testing/
@@ -430,7 +430,7 @@ def make_runners(inc_slow=False):
# Packages to be tested via nose, that only depend on the stdlib
nose_pkg_names = ['config', 'core', 'extensions', 'frontend', 'lib',
- 'testing', 'utils', 'nbformat' ]
+ 'testing', 'utils', 'nbformat', 'inprocess' ]
if have['zmq']:
@@ -491,8 +491,17 @@ def run_iptest():
# use our plugin for doctesting. It will remove the standard doctest plugin
# if it finds it enabled
plugins = [IPythonDoctest(make_exclude()), KnownFailure()]
- # We need a global ipython running in this process
- globalipapp.start_ipython()
+ # We need a global ipython running in this process, but the special
+ # in-process group spawns its own IPython kernels, so for *that* group we
+ # must avoid also opening the global one (otherwise there's a conflict of
+ # singletons). Ultimately the solution to this problem is to refactor our
+ # assumptions about what needs to be a singleton and what doesn't (app
+ # objects should, individual shells shouldn't). But for now, this
+ # workaround allows the test suite for the inprocess module to complete.
+ if not 'IPython.inprocess' in sys.argv:
+ globalipapp.start_ipython()
# Now nose can run
TestProgram(argv=argv, addplugins=plugins)

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