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Text-based programs from The Big Book of Small Python Projects by Al Sweigart to which a graphical user interface were added.

Despite being GUI-based, there is no heavy framework to install. Simply retrieve this repository and, from inside of the retrieved repository, launch the python command (or python3 if the default version is not the 3; check with python --version) with the name of a program. Example: python (or python3

Once launched, you can access the program from any device with a modern web browser connected to the Internet, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Simply use the displayed URL or the QR Code displayed when clicking on More….

The content of this repository can be tried online: Online demo on Replit.

Four in a row from book:

'Four in a row' with CLI

Four in a row from this repository:

'Four in a row' with GUI

Mancala from book:

'Mancala' with CLI

Mancala from this repository:

'Mancala' with GUI

The book from which the programs in this repository are based is available under CC-BY-NC-SA, as mentioned at

The Atlas toolkit used for the GUI and provided with this repository is released under MIT license.

More programs from Al Sweigart's book will be added over time. Contributions welcome!


Small GUI-based Python programs based on the text-based programs from 'The Big Book of Small Python Projects' by Al Sweigarts.






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