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Making modern exercises for programming tutorials
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Modern exercises for programming tutorials

Project currently under development. Contributions are welcome.

This project is about how to write modern exercises or examples for programming tutorials. This exercises/examples have a graphical user interface instead of the usual textual interface, which are less and less used, or even known, by those who are mainly using smartphones.

Simply retrieve the repository (git clone …, or get the corresponding ZIP file here: and go, in a console, to the root directory. Then, to launch an exercise: python (en|fr)/(A|B|C|Z_(1|2(a|b)|3)).py. For example: python fr/

Alternatively, you can also clone this repository on, so you have nothing to install on your computer. Click on the new repl button, select Python as language, and put the address of this repository in the dedicated field. The and files are especially for

The files found under the en and fr root directories are examples of what the students have to figure out.

The A, B and C exercises are variations of the famous Hello, World! program, and are intended to familiarize the student with strings, string concatenation, function calling and definition… Exercise C is interactive.

The Z series of exercises deals with more advanced programming concepts.

The Z_1 exercise deals with the solving of first-degree (in)equations. The student has to find out how to calculate the solutions of such an (in)equation, and can test if its code works properly through a convenient user interface, without having to program this interface.

The Z_2a and Z_2b exercises are example of use of the turtle graphics API. Exercise Z_2b is interactive.

The purpose of the Z_3 exercise is to program the hangman game. As for the other exercises, the student handles the user interface by using very simple functions and can therefore focus on the handling of the inputs from the user.

The workshop/assets directory contains files used for the exercises. The ab sub-directory is for exercises A and B, the c, z_1, z_2a… respectively for the exercises C, Z_1, Z_2a… The content of the Body.html files will be put in the body section of the HTML main page, and the content of the Head.html files will be put in the head section of the same page. CSS rules are usually put in the latter file.

For the displaying, here are the currently available functions:

English Français
erase efface
display affiche
eraseAndDisplay effaceEtAffiche
warn alerte
ask demande

For the turtle graphics, here are the currently available functions:

English Français
up hausse
down baisse
forward avance
turnRight tourneDroite
turnLeft tourneGauche
setColorRGB fixeCouleurRVB
setColorHSL fixeCouleurTSL
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