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Doesn't mixin into underscore when require js is present but loaded in a script tag #148

sporto opened this Issue · 5 comments

3 participants


the code is trying to be smart and define itself as an amd module when amd is present. However if define is present but the library is loaded in a script tag then it won't mixin into underscore. If possible it should check if AMD is present AND it is being loaded through AMD.

rwz commented

I think we could try to change this to just trying all available integration methods one after other, in not excluding way.

So that it'll define itself as amd module if amd is available, insert itself in underscore if underscore is available and then export itself as module.exports if possible :)

/cc @epeli @edtsech


For those of us working on teams that refuse to do anything but good ole


@rwz That would be a great solution, thanks.

@rwz rwz closed this in 9df4736

@sporto pushed the change. Can you please grab the current version and try it with your code. Will release later if there won't be any quirks.


@rwz This works great for us. thanks.

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