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" ProTips to remember:
" diw to delete the current word
" di( to delete within the current parens
" di" to delete the text between the quotes
" vt) select everything up to )
" vT( select everything up before (
" f/F is a greedy version
" replace d with v to select
" replace i with a to select parens also
" Surround
" Surround with tag: <select>S<tag>
" Change the surrounding tag: cst<tag>
let g:pathogen_disabled = []
" Disable command-t if it is broken
if filereadable($HOME . '/.vim/bundle/command-t/disable')
call add(g:pathogen_disabled, 'command-t')
" Search buffers with Command-T
nnoremap <Leader>, :CommandTBuffer<CR>
" Use separate working directory for Command-T instead of Vim's cwd. Use
" CommandTSetWorkingDirectory to reset the dir to cwd of Vim.
command CommandTSetWorkingDirectory let g:CommandTWorkingDirectory = getcwd()
CommandTSetWorkingDirectory " Set up initially
" remove easy :call EasyMotionT(0, 0)<CR>
au VimEnter * unmap <Leader>t
au VimEnter * map <Leader>t :exec "CommandT" . g:CommandTWorkingDirectory <CR>
" Activate all plugins from the bundle
call pathogen#runtime_append_all_bundles()
set ai
set modeline
set wildignore=*.swp,*.bak,*.pyc,*.class,eggs,develop-eggs,*.egg-info,*~
colorscheme mydefault
syntax on
filetype on
filetype plugin on
" Use smart indenting
set smarttab expandtab autoindent
" By default use 4 spaces as indentation
set tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4
" Command for resetting tab width
command -nargs=1 TabWidth setlocal shiftwidth=<args> tabstop=<args> softtabstop=<args>
" Ruby uses 2 spaces as indentation
au FileType ruby,haml,eruby setlocal shiftwidth=2 tabstop=2 softtabstop=2
" Also for xmly stuff
au FileType html,xml,xhtml setlocal shiftwidth=2 tabstop=2 softtabstop=2
" Makefiles and gitconfig require tab
au FileType make,gitconfig setlocal noexpandtab
"" Leader mappings
let mapleader = ","
let maplocalleader = ";"
" set custom file types
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.zcml setfiletype xml
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.pt setfiletype xml
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.coffee setfiletype coffee
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.json setfiletype json
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.ru setfiletype ruby
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.conf setfiletype conf
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.pde setfiletype arduino
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.jade setfiletype jade
" TODO: why does modula2 overrides this?
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.md setfiletype markdown
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.markdown setfiletype markdown
" My status lines
" set statusline=%<%f%y\ \ %h%m%r%=%-14.(%l/%L,%c%V%)\ %P
" With Syntastic
set statusline=%<%f%y\ %#warningmsg#%{SyntasticStatuslineFlag()}%*\ %h%m%r%=%-14.(%l/%L,%c%V%)\ %P
let g:syntastic_enable_signs=1
nnoremap <leader>e :Errors<CR>
" Show statusline always
set laststatus=2
" change the terminal's title
set title
" don't beep
set noerrorbells
" hide buffers instead of closing them
set hidden
" make backspace work like most other apps
set backspace=2
" Vim’s defaults are awful messy, leaving .swp files everywhere if the editor
" isn’t closed properly. This can save you a lot of time.
set nobackup
set noswapfile
" No Vi stuff anymore
set nocompatible
" Write the old file out when switching between files
set autowrite
"Map escape key to jj -- much faster
imap jj <esc>
" Apply substitutions globally on lines. For example, instead of
" :%s/foo/bar/g you just type :%s/foo/bar/. This is almost always what you
" want (when was the last time you wanted to only replace the first occurrence
" of a word on a line?) and if you need the previous behavior you just tack on
" the g again.
set gdefault
" Bubble single lines
nmap <C-Up> [e
nmap <C-Down> ]e
" Bubble multiple lines
vmap <C-Up> [egv
vmap <C-Down> ]egv
" Backups
set backupdir=~/.vim/tmp/backup// " backups
set directory=~/.vim/tmp/swap// " swap files
set backup " enable backup
" * Search & Replace
" make searches case-insensitive, unless they contain upper-case letters:
set ignorecase
set smartcase
" do not store global and local values in a session
set ssop-=options
" do not store folds
set ssop-=folds
" When editing a file, always jump to the last cursor position
autocmd BufReadPost *
\ if line("'\"") > 0 && line ("'\"") <= line("$") |
\ exe "normal g'\"" |
\ endif
" use :w!! to write to a file using sudo if you forgot to "sudo vim file"
cmap w!! %!sudo tee > /dev/null %
" This turns off Vim’s crazy default regex characters and makes searches use
" normal regexes.
nnoremap / /\v
vnoremap / /\v
" work together to highlight search results (as you type). It’s really quite
" handy, as long as you have the next line as well.
set incsearch
set showmatch
set hlsearch
" Toggle pastemode easily in insert and command mode
set pastetoggle=<F2>
" Always disable paste mode when leaving insert mode
au InsertLeave * set nopaste
" Show trailing whitespace characters
set list
set listchars=tab:>.,trail:.,extends:#,nbsp:.
" Execute file being edited
map <F5> :! %:p <CR>
" Some aliases
command W w
command Q q
command WQ wq
command Wq wq
command Qa qa
command QA qa
command Wa wa
command WA wa
" :MM to save and make
command MM wall|make
" Show unsaved changes
command ShowUnsaved w !diff -u % -
command SessionSave mksession .session.vim
command SessionLoad source .session.vim
" Cooler tab completion for vim commands
set wildmode=longest,list
" Folding
"set foldmethod=indent
set foldlevel=9999 " initially open all folds
command FoldAll set foldlevel=0
command FoldOne set foldlevel=1
" python stuff
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.py set smartindent cinwords=if,elif,else,for,while,try,except,finally,def,class
autocmd BufWritePre *.py normal m`:%s/\s\+$//e ``
let python_highlight_all = 1
" Execute a selection of code (very cool!)
" Use VISUAL to select a range and then hit ctrl-h to execute it.
python << EOL
import vim
def EvaluateCurrentRange():
map <C-h> :py EvaluateCurrentRange()<CR>
" php
autocmd FileType php set omnifunc=phpcomplete#CompletePHP
" Hilight long lines
command LongLinesShow let w:m1=matchadd('Search', '\%<81v.\%>77v', -1) | let w:m2=matchadd('ErrorMsg', '\%>80v.\+', -1)
command LongLinesHide call matchdelete(w:m1) | call matchdelete(w:m2)
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.md,*.txt,*.py,*.cgi :LongLinesShow
" Use Q for formatting the current paragraph (or selection).
" Forces 80 character lines.
vmap Q gq
nmap Q gqap
" Clojure
let g:clj_highlight_builtins=1 " Highlight Clojure's builtins
let g:clj_paren_rainbow=1 " Rainbow parentheses'!
" strip all trailing whitespace in the current file
nnoremap <leader>W :%s/\s\+$//<cr>:let @/=''<CR>
" to reselect the text that was just pasted so I can perform commands (like
" indentation) on it
nnoremap <leader>v V`]
"" Window management
" new vertical split
command Vertical vertical sp
" new horizontal split
command Horizontal sp
" Easily resize split windows with Ctrl+hjkl
nnoremap <C-j> <C-w>+
nnoremap <C-k> <C-w>-
nnoremap <C-h> <C-w><
nnoremap <C-l> <C-w>>
" Force redraw to C-l
nnoremap <Leader>r :redraw!<CR>
" Open file tree
nnoremap <Leader>n :NERDTreeToggle<CR>
" Open bufexplorer
nnoremap <Leader>m :BufExplorer<CR>
map <Leader>p :echo expand('%:p') <CR>
" Move by screen lines instead of file line. Nice with long lines.
nnoremap j gj
nnoremap k gk
" Copy whole file to OS clipboard
nmap <Leader>x :%y+<CR>
" Easily change directory to the file being edited.
nmap <Leader>cd :cd %:p:h<CR>
" Delete last linebreak, leading spaces and trailing spaces
nnoremap <Leader>u I" <C-c>hvk$xh " up
nnoremap <Leader>d jI" <C-c>hvk$xh " Down
" diff will be opened automatically after the git commit.
autocmd FileType gitcommit DiffGitCached | wincmd p
" Command for reloading snipMate snippets
command SnippetsReload call ReloadAllSnippets()
command SnippetsEditSelect e ~/.vim/bundle/snipmate/snippets/
" Open corresponding snipets file
command SnippetsEdit execute "edit ~/.vim/bundle/snipmate/snippets/" . &ft . ".snippets"
" Reload snippets after saving
au BufWritePost *.snippets call ReloadAllSnippets()
" for pyref
let g:pyref_index = '~/.vim/bundle/pyref/pyref/index'
let g:pyref_mapping = 'K'
" spell checking
set spelllang=en_us
" Toggle spelling
nmap <silent> <leader>s :set spell!<CR>
"" Use ,c to compile selected text to corresponding output and print it to stdout
" CoffeeScript to Javascript
au BufEnter *.coffee vmap <leader>c :CoffeeCompile<CR>
" Jade to HTML
au BufEnter *.jade vmap <leader>c <esc>:'<,'>:w !~/.vim/bin/deindent \| jade<CR>
" Haml to HTML
au BufEnter *.haml vmap <leader>c <esc>:'<,'>:w !~/.vim/bin/deindent \| haml<CR>
" Markdown to HTML
au BufEnter *.md,*.markdown vmap <leader>c <esc>:'<,'>:w !markdown<CR>
" h, for line start
map <Leader>h 0
" ,l for line end
map <Leader>l $
" Remove crappy keymappings set by plugings
" :BufExplorerVerticalSplit<CR>
au VimEnter * unmap <Leader>bv
" :BufExplorerHorizontalSplit<CR>
au VimEnter * unmap <Leader>bs
" :BufExplorer<CR>
au VimEnter * unmap <Leader>be
" BClose
au VimEnter * unmap <Leader>bd
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